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Cargo Ships, Semarang Port Indonesia | Voyage Charter

English: Norwegian cargo ships Havila Favour (...
English: Norwegian cargo ships Havila Favour (left, IMO 9182344) and Panamanian cargo ship Vestland (IMO 8127268) in Bergen, Norway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cargo Ship for Voyage Charter at Semarang Port, Indonesia

We are active ship brokers and provide best services for arranging cargo ships on voyage charter for dry break bulk commodities

Vessel chartering services for arranging right vessel along with negotiating the best ocean freight. The job work is undertaken with highest professional standards.

Cargo ships are arranged through brokers
or direct with ship owners and their representative and management companies.

For all your requirements of cargo
ship on voyage charter and successful shipment of any size, we are always available to serve you with our best services.

Our experienced personals and staff with years of experience in handling break bulk shipping. Geared and gearless vessels available depending upon shipment size and requirements.
All cargo ships arranged will be able to qualify the shipping terms and condition at loading as well as at discharge port

Cargo ships can be arranged depending upon nature of cargo, shipment size, and other limitations.

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