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Cargo ship and Barges available for Colombo, project cargo / heavy lifts

The Colombo Express, one of the largest contai...
The Colombo Express, one of the largest container ships in the world, owned and operated by Hapag-Lloyd of Germany on its maiden voyage into Hamburg, with the Köhlbrand bridge in the background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cargo barges and ships available for Colombo, Sri Lanka 


Prefer cargo with name/rate indication to any safe world port.

We provide cargo ships and cargo barges to carry all types of bagged and loose cargo from Colombo to any safe world port.

Our services also includes transporting heavy equipments, structures, over size cargo by sea route to any safe destination port 

Contact us with complete details of your cargo along with company profile, we will support you with reasonable freight quotes and on time completion of the shipment.

Dry Bulk Cargo Ship Chartering Services

Most of the shippers and chartering companies are interested in chartering dry bulk vessels on single voyage charter basis. In voyage charter the ship owner enters into chartering agreement with charterer / shipper and places his ship at the loading port for loading full load cargo equal to ship capacity or partial / part cargo. The freight in voyage charter is calculated on per ton basis and the voyage charter can be for single voyage or regular voyages. The freight is paid for the completion of successful voyage or delivery of cargo at destination port. But some operators ask for pre-paid freight and maximum of the ocean freight is collected against loading and issue of BL. The freight payment can be negotiated with the shipping company and their operators.

The advance of chartering dry bulk cargo vessel on voyage charter is, the charterer has to pay fix freight on per ton of the cargo loaded. All risks like delay in sailing time, port strikes, etc are directly to be in account of ship owner and the charterer only pays for the single voyage.

Time Charter

In time charter terms, the charterer hires the cargo ship for a certain period and agreed by the ship owner. Some ship owners fix minimum charter time period like for three months or sex months. The freight on time charter terms is calculated on per day basis subjected to the dead weight of the cargo ship and the payment term is advance for every month. The fuel oil, lube oil, and other charges like levies, port charges etc is to be paid extra by the charterer / chartering company. In time charter the cargo ship owner provides the ship along with the crew and the crew salaries are paid by the ship owner. The charterer / chartering company has to delivery or re-deliver the cargo ship to certain safe port as agreed in the time charter agreement.

Time Chartering a cargo ship helps the charterer / chartering company open option for planning the sailing direction and which port the ship should sail. But on other hand in time charter all delay times as a reason of strikes at port or bad weather has to be paid by chartering company to the vessel company.

Bare Boat Chartering

In bare boat chartering terms, the cargo ship is chartered without crew. The vessel company provides the ship on charter and the chartering company</a> has full control of the ship and the chartering company / charterer is assumed as second owner to the cargo ship chartered. Once chartered on bareboat chartering terms, the charterer has to pay for entire expenditures right from maintenance, crew salary, fuel, survey, port charges etc and all risks is in account of chartering company / charterer.

Cost of chartering cargo ship, dry bulk cargo shipping services, Break bulk vessel charter, shipping company, chartering company
Dry Bulk Cargo Ship Chartering Services

Vessel Charter Rates

Skype: raghu.r.naik

Dry Dock in India | Services

emergency dry dock in India, plan dry dock, ship repair, maintenance, works, new built, plate reapir of ship, engine work on board, anchorage reapirs
Dry Dock Services

We provide complete dry dock services for all type of ships in India. We handle both planned and unplanned emergency dry dock service round the clock 24x7.

Our repair management includes following

1. Survey of the ship
2. Damage Repair estimations
3. Technical Review including confirmation of slot available, costing, scope of work etc.
4. Work identification and invoice settlement.

Our other services includes
  • Engine Repairs and Overhauling services
  • Plate repair / new building
  • Anchorage repair and services of engine along with deck equipments.

Contact us with any time for review on required services any location in India.

Project Cargo : Shipping any equipment or structures by sea route

Shipping Services for all types of Goods and Products : Including machinery, goods, vehicles, and huge structures, etc.
Shipping Service

Rating: 9 out of 10

based on 24 ratings.105 user reviews

Cost Idea : Contact with details to calculate
Actual Charges: As Per Services

Available 24x7


We provide services for repair job works on board ship, engine room repairs, Dry Docking etc.

Category: Shipping Service

Available ! Book Now !

Freight Brokers and Cargo Brokers| India

Français : Le navire cargo iranien "Iran ...
Français : Le navire cargo iranien "Iran Sadr" en escale au port de La Pallice. France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ship Brokers and Freight Agents

We are independent and active ship brokers and provide complete supports for calculating ocean freight for bulk cargoes. We are registered in India for providing services for various ship ping related solutions like ship chartering, brokering and acting as freight brokers, management etc.

Our extensive network with other ship chartering companies, ship management companies along with ship owners, other freight brokers, custom brokers, freight forwarders etc, keeps us fully updated with the present market and helps us to provide best shipping solution, negotiating the best route and ocean freight for shipping your cargo from one port to other.

We provide with online freight broker services to save time of shippers and exporters. The services help them to maintain their timely shipping overseas by ship available and matching their Laycan.
Cargo ships are arranged directly from Shipping Lines in India for voyage chartering or time charter as per the requirement of customer. Shipping companies in India are in direct contact with our team and provides with details of their latest ship available to carry cargo from ports in India to any safe world port.
For all your ocean shipping and broker services and you maritime shipping solution to transport your cargo by ship to any safe world port location, do contact us.

Also visit : Ocean Freight Calculation 

Cargo Ship Opening Haldia, EC India, 7-15 June

General Cargo Ship Open HALDIA, ECI, 7-15 JUNE

M.V Glory Morning

Type: BC,
Ship Chartering, Ocean freight, best shipping services, India
Photo Credit Google.com

Flag: kribati
Built: 1986 Japan
Class: NKK
PNI - Hanseatic
GRTt: 13036 / NRT: 8641
DWT: 22,202 mts on 9,96 m Draft
Grain/Bale: 27,793/26,685 cbm
Holds: 4 Hatches: 4 Folding
Gear: 4 x 25t cranes

Speed / consumption : 12.5 kn in ballast condition and 11.5kn in laden condition

16.5mt ifo 180 cst + 1.2mt MDO
1.5mt MDO during idle and 2.3mt MDO while workding.


Timber Log Carrier Charter

English: This is a photo I took myself using a...
This is a photo I took myself using an Olympus C8080W digital camera. It was taken at Donnelly Mills, south west western Australia. Category:Plant images (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: New Holland Dock - Entrance This dock...
New Holland Dock - Entrance This dock is used for timber shipments from the Baltic. The four outer berths on the pier serve for bulk cargo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dry Bulk Cargo Freight Rates

Cargo Ship For Voyage Charter Open Kandla, INDIA- End JAN 2014

Ship Brokers, Freight Forwarding Agents, Cargo Brokers, Sea Freight Brokers, Shipping Agents, kindly do propose suitable biz for below vsl

END JAN 2014    

English: Cap Blanco / Panama Canal Lock IMO nu...
English: Cap Blanco / Panama Canal Lock IMO number : 8220345 Callsign : 9HJQ6 GRT: 32150 DWT : 37042 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
IMO 9122875
23,956 MTDW ON ABT 9.42 M DRAFT 
LOA 158.50 LBP 151.00 

BEAM 25.80 
DEPTH 13.30 M
GRT/ NRT 15,438 MT/ 8,180 MT 
4/4 HO/HA - BOX SHAPED 29,463/28,768 CBM GR/BL 
CR 4X25 MT ; 


Cargo Ship Opens 31st Jan 2014 -INDIA-PG Range

Ship Brokers, Sea Freight Brokers Cargo Brokers, Freight Forwarding Services in India. Following cargo ship available for dry bulk cargo, kindly pps suitable cgo for the vsl

MV V.SeaOpen at PG- INDIA range 
ARD 31st Jan 2014  

English: Series of hatch covers on the deck of...
English: Series of hatch covers on the deck of a bulk carrier, the Zaira. Français : Suite de panneaux de cale sur le pont du vraquier Zaira. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
type: bulk carrier flag: vietnam
built year: 1998 where: japan
crane: 4 x 30mt
dwt (summer): 27,841 mt draft (summer): 9.67m
grt/nrt: 18108/10015
loa/bm/ depth: 169.03m/127m/13.8m
strength of ...: t.top: 13.5 mt/m2 deck: 3.5mt/m2 hatch cover: 2.5 mt/m2
h.cover of each hold
h.cover 1: 12.6x 18.4m
h.cover 2: 20.8 x 22.8 m
h.cover 3:20.8 x 22.8 m
h.cover 4:20.8 x 22.8 m
hcover 5: 19.2x 22.8 m
ho/ha : 05/05
type of hatch covers hydraulic
co2 fitted : yes
pni club: west of england
classification society(full member) : nkk vsl is fully itf fitted: yes holdwise grain/bale cubic metter: 36.254.64m3/ 34.92609 m3


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