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40 Bollar Pull Tug Boat

Tugboat Towing Services

Tugboats available in India for all type ship towing job works.

We are in poistion to provide tug boats of various capacity for towing manned and un-manned ships / vessels.

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The ocean-going tugs provided by us are capable of accomplishing challenging towing projects anywhere in world.

We provide tugs for harbor projects as well as long distance tows in open sea.

Tugs available for assisting floating cranes, ship to ship job works, towing flat top barges etc. The tugboats available are best to meet all our customer needs. Tugs are capable of operating in shallow water as well in the deep sea.
Available tugboats from 20 bollard pull to 80 bollard pull.

Emergency Towing - Tugboats in India

Towing Services India

With our base location at Mumbai (formerly Bombay) INDIA, we provide tugboats for all emergency tows, like engine failure, etc, round the clock. Our regular performing and active team responds to all emergency calls for the requirement of any marine support and towing services.

We support emergency services for rescue, pollution control, preservation of environment and property along with providing all technical support.

For all your requirement of tugboats do contact us
Phone / Whatsapp : +91-9745527006

  • Ocean Tow services
  • Harbor Tow Services
  • Salvage Operation
  • Offshore Support
  • Diving Support

We have a professional committed team to carry our all emergency and regular tow services.

Towing Services | Tug Boat and Crew Boats

Tug Services and Crew Boat Services


Our well qualified staff is specialized in marine services and equipment rental. We have developed our business on the concept of reliable sourcing, competitive quotes and serve our valued clients.
Justine McAllister (IMO 8107878), a tug boat i...
Justine McAllister (IMO 8107878), a tug boat in New York Harbor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our services includes
Towing Services at Harbor and Ocean
Crew Boat on short time charter
Supply Vessels
AHT Services

We are based at west coast India. The Tugs boats on time charter are available of bollard pull 20, 30, 40 and 50 with all required deck equipments.
Also we have crew boat available for short time charter with passenger capacity from 4 personals and above. The particulars of the tug boats can be provided on demand
All tugs boats and crew boats are IRS class with Indian Flag

Tug boats at the Frierfjord, near Herøya, Norway
Tug boats at the Frierfjord, near Herøya, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Call us : +91 - 97 455 27 006

Barge and Tug | Tuticorin to Maldives

barge for boulders, rock, construction, sand, ODC, ramp, sidewall, India, Maldives, Tuticorin
Flat Top Barge with ramp

Flat top barges with side wall and Ramp are in demand for carrying construction material from Tuticorin India to Maldives.

The barges are available with high deck strength so that they can be capable of loading and carrying rock boulders which are mainly used for filling and construction purpose.
Today these barges for carrying boulders are available on time charter for minimum one year contract. All these barges are without engine and pusher tug is required to tow or push these barges.

These barges are available in capacity of 3000 DWT to 5000 DWT or above. The pusher tug capacity also varies depending on the carrying capacity of the barge.
In India most of the barges are without engines and are mainly employed for transporting rock boulders from Tuticorin, Mangalore, etc port to Maldives.

Rock Boulders Carrying Barges

Barges for Carrying Rock Boulders

With rise in construction activities in Maldives, the demand for rock boulders along with stone aggregates and other construction material has increased.

Most of the rock boulders and other construction material is transported by sea route from India to Maldives. The rock boulders of various dimensions mainly possessing the weight ranging from 600 Kg to 1000 Kg sourced from various stone quarries.

India, Tuticorin, barge, tug, maldives, rock bloulders, ramp
Rock Boulders Transport by Sea

At present barges with low draft are considered for transporting rock boulders to Maldives due to the unloading points located at shallow waters.

Barges of carrying capacity ranging from 2000 DWT to 3500 DWT are provided on time charter for transporting the rock boulders and other construction material to Maldives.

The operating from in India are mainly from Tuticorin and other are Mangalore, Kakinada kannur etc. The port of Tuticorin located at south India is more preferred by suppliers of India to transport rock boulders in love draft bates to Maldives.

Tugboat for Sale

tug towing, 1000 BHP
Tugboat Sales

  • 4000 HP
  • IRS Class
  • Currently operating in Indian Waters
  • Draft 3.5 Mts
  • Fuel Consumption : NA
  • GRT : 50
  • Speed : NA

The owner is also interested in long term time charter.
Interested buyers / charterers kindly do get in touch with us for more details

Subjected to being unsold or chartered.

Manufactured by: Tug
Model: 4000 HP Tug
Product ID: Tugboat sales
5 based on 20 reviews
$8500000.00 Used 
In stock and subjected to being unsold
Company: M/s Raghu.R.Naik

India to Gulf Towing – Offshore Towing Services

3 Tugboats in Baltimore Harbor.
3 Tugboats in Baltimore Harbor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tugboats | India

English: Tug 'Keverne' at Belfast The tug 'Kev...
Tug 'Keverne' at Belfast The tug 'Keverne' at Belfast. The tug was involved in towing the barge 'UR 101'  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • On time charter

Ship Towing Services | Tug Boat

Towing job works as per towcon
Tug Boat Services

AHTS vessels Balder Viking and Normand master ...
AHTS vessels Balder Viking and Normand master is towing the norwegian drill rigg Ocean Vanguard from the Yard in Norway 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Evolution of Tugboats

The Evolution of Tugboats

Tug Boat, Towing, Evolution, Tow

Tugboats have a rugged, old world charm that attracts a brand of enthusiasm few other boats can. They are one of the sea’s most hardworking, yet humble, marine vessels, and their history holds tales of perseverance, family tradition and community. When the first tug launched from a Scottish harbor in 1871, its power betrayed its size and unassuming purpose. Within a century, tugs had become a commercial replacement for horses and mules, and were directly responsible for the ballooning American canal system. While they appear to have their feet planted firmly in past centuries, they are untouched by the concerns of today.  The sector’s experience of the recession was a tumultuous one dominated by a fickle freight industry. On a more positive note, as tugboats emerge from a shaky five year revenue crisis, their technological future is becoming brighter than ever. Like the rest of the travel industry, anti-pollution concerns, high tech innovations, and budget worries are expected to alter the way designers approach their projects, transforming tugboats for sale into prouder vessels with plenty to brag about.

Eco-friendly Propulsion

In 2008, the fact that tugboats ran on diesel caused plenty of hand-wringing as the sector faced the 2007 regulations governing all remanufactured marine engines. Tough standards meant that, by 2015, all tugboats would have to reduce their emissions by 90%. Hybrids were the obvious answer, and many expected that technology would change before expected price increases in diesel fuel. The actual change was more sluggish than expected, but the sector is currently making significant inroads. The world’s earliest hybrid tugboat was launched in 2010, and in 2013, the first liquefied natural gas tugboats were launched bearing Rolls Royce engines. The tug’s past as a pollution-belching vessel will soon be too distant to remember. Smoky harbors will eventually be a thing of the past, but tugboats enthusiasts will be rewarded with more than simply a clear conscience.

Pocket-Friendly Engines

As liquefied natural gas (LNG) becomes increasingly available, tug owners will find themselves with easier budgets to contend with. The non-toxic, non-corrosive gas has a greater energy density than diesel, which makes it more cost-efficient over long distances. By 2020, it is likely that an even more energy efficient innovation will give tug operators more bang for their buck: The E3 tug project hopes to offer a fresh hybrid propulsion system that functions more cleanly, quietly, and cost-effectively. Cheaper production will not only offer cheaper running costs but lower investment outlay, too, as production becomes faster and less expensive.

High Tech Features

Today’s tugs need far more horsepower than they did in the past and with that, maneuverable docking will need to improve. They will operate with fewer crewmembers, and will slowly work towards better automation. Compact ship docking tugs can currently pull over 60 tons despite their compact size, but as the market becomes increasingly competitive, they will singlehandedly manage the work that used to require four tugs. As marine personnel availability dwindles, tug design will focus increasingly on this aspect, but comfort is another influential factor. Low sheen finishes now offer reduced water reflection, while on-board solar power offers hot water.

Tomorrow’s tugboats will follow in the footsteps of the motoring sector by introducing more comfortable, user-friendly features that will revolutionize the industry. Yesterday’s trends have shaped the tug market relatively little, but the current changes will bring about a far more dramatic evolution. This is partially due to the fact that the industry is burgeoning, with rapidly growing sales, revenues, and production rates. As tugboats increase in demand, those who design them will have greater expectations to sate.

Guest Post By Carolyn Taylor

Tugboat / PSV / AHT Available for short and long terms charter.

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30 Bollard Pull Tug, Tug Boat Hire, Charter Services

30 Bollard Pull Tug Boat

Ocean Going and Harbor Tugs

Ocean going Tug Boats
of 30 bollard pull are available for towing ships from port to port are available. The tugs boats also available for undertaking job works of towing dredgers, pontoons, barges, rigs etc.

Tug Boats along with their experienced crew are capable of towing
manned and unmanned vessels
from and to any safe port. These tugs are also capable of assisting tugs
at harbor.
Tugs are available of less than fifteen years
with latest equipments mounted on board.

We are service providers and arrange tugs on time charter and voyage charter for towing vessels, dredgers, pontoons, barges. We also arrange tugs
on call out basis. 
Tugs are maintained well and provides
complaint free services throughout the service period. Maintenance of tugs
are done periodically to keep them sea worthly.

For all you tug requirement, do contact us. Harbor tugs on call out basis as well as tugs for towing and assisting flat top barges are also available.

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