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Vessel on Time Chater - Dry Bulk Cargo Ship

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We provide dry break bulk cargo carrier ship for harmless non hazardous loose or bagged cargo on time charter for any required DWT / carrying capacity

Following vessel can be developed for time charter

MV                                          : MT
Flag                                         :
When built                              : 
Classification                          : Vires Class
Gross Tonnage                        : 8,414
Net Tonnage                           : 5,030
Panama Tonnage                    : 6,872.80
Suez Tonnage                          : 7,637.02
L.O.A                                       : 130.040 M ( 439.76 FT)
Breadth Moulded                    : 21.200 M
Depth Moulded                          : 10.800 M
Summer draft                         : 7.919 M
Deadweight                             : 14,348 MT on summer draft
TPC ( when full loaded)            : 24.40 MT
Main Engine                            : Kobe Diesel – Mitsubishi 5UEC 45LA
                                                   M.C.O: 2,795 KW ( 3,800PS) x 128 RPM
                                                   C.S.O: 2,375 KW ( 3,230 PS) x 121 RPM
Full load Service Speed              : 10 knots / hour  based on good weather condition and smooth sea (maximum force 4)
Ballast Speed                          : 10.5 knots/ hour based on good weather condition and  smooth sea  (maximum force 4)          
Comsumption                          : 
At Sea                                      : 10.45 MT of I.F.O  plus 0.5 MT of marine gas oil (MGO) per day
At port                                     :
+ Working                               : 2.5 MT of I.F.O and 0.5 MT of MGO per day
+ Idle                                       : 2.5 MT of I.F.O and 0.5 MT of MGO per day 

 FO GRADE 180CST at 50 degree C
Cargo Gear                             : 15 T derrick boom x 4 sets
* Boom Length                           : 20M ( No.1 gang), 21 M ( No.2 – 4 gang)
Grain Capacity                           : 17,984.87 M3
Bale Capacity                          : 17.581.35 M3
Tank Capacity                         : Diesel oil                   -                       63.84 M3
                                                     Fuel oil                   -                       537.75 M3
                                                     Fresh Water           -                       202.60 M3
                                                     Ballast water         -                       4,682.76 M3   
Nos. of Hatches/Holds            : 4 hatches/ 4 holds
                                                   No.1: 15.4   M x 10.08 M
                                                   No.2: 16.94 M x 12.96 M
                                                   No.2: 16.94 M x 12.96 M
                                                   No.2: 16.94 M x 12.96 M           
Type of Hatch Cover                  : Folding type weather tight steel hatch cover operated by  hydrealic cylinder
Tank Tops                                   : Steel Cover
 Tank Tops Strength                   : 12 MT/ M2
   Deck Strength                         : 1.81 MT/ M2
   Hatch Cover Strength:            : Hold 1: 2.58 MT/ M2 ; Hold 2-4 : 2.17 MT/ M2
Fire fighting system in hold       : CO2 fire extinguishing system sea water fire extinguishing system
Ventilation ( Cargo holds)          : Electric Ventilation
Owner P&I: West of England

Hull Insurer: Pertrovietnam Insurance Joint Stock Company – Values: $ 3,500,000

Ada wog

OCEAN FREIGHT ( Container Service ) IN INDIA

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Container Ocean Freight Options

OCEAN FREIGHT ( Container Service )
• Flat Rack Containers
• Reefer Containers
ISO Tank containers

For Deatils Contact us at
(As Agents / Brokers only)
Ph: +91-9745527006
SKYPE : raghu.r.naik
MSN : [email protected]
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Shipping Freight Solution

Freight Carrier
Shipping & Freight Solutions
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Freight and Shipping Services

Freight Carrier

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Over Size Consignment Handling and Shipping Service

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ODC & Project Cargo Shipping Services

We along with our team members and associates have obtained best name among all service providers for handling Over Size Cargoes for transporting by Sea route.

We handle all time of Project cargoes right from customers yards, transporting them by road to nearest port, arranging suitable ship, loading the ship and lashing properly on board, timely and safe delivery at destination port, unloading and transporting to customers yard by road.

We provide ships for Heavy Lifts from any major port from India to any worldwide destination. We are capable of loading directly from the building / fabricating dock and provides complete solution and meets all expectation of our customers.

Packing and measurement are all taken care by our marine experts with vast knowledge and skills in over size cargo handling. The Overweight cargoes are also handled by us.

Do contact us with complete details like drawings and pictures of your oversize / over weight cargo and rest you can rely on our team for timely and safe delivery of your precious cargo.

Payment Terms : Mutual Agreed
Ship Chartering Services
Customer from any region can contact us
Shipping Services for all types Structure Cargo
Shipment of ODC Cargo : Includes all size structures, factory machinery, Windmills etc to any safe world destination.
Over Size Cargo Shipment Service
Cost: Freight Charge
Shipment of ODC Cargo : Includes all size structures, factory machinery, Windmills etc to any safe world destination.
Over Size Cargo Shipment Service
Over Size Cargo Shipping
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