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Cargo Ship Opening Haldia, EC India, 7-15 June

General Cargo Ship Open HALDIA, ECI, 7-15 JUNE

M.V Glory Morning

Type: BC,
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Flag: kribati
Built: 1986 Japan
Class: NKK
PNI - Hanseatic
GRTt: 13036 / NRT: 8641
DWT: 22,202 mts on 9,96 m Draft
Grain/Bale: 27,793/26,685 cbm
Holds: 4 Hatches: 4 Folding
Gear: 4 x 25t cranes

Speed / consumption : 12.5 kn in ballast condition and 11.5kn in laden condition

16.5mt ifo 180 cst + 1.2mt MDO
1.5mt MDO during idle and 2.3mt MDO while workding.


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