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Coal Lighterage Operations

Coal Lighterage Services

Self propelled barges are also available on time charter for Lighterage Operations
Our services includes coal STS lighterage operations, handling coal at port and documentation .

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We are active at almost all major and minor ports in India and can undertake the coal lighterage operation at any port on long term contract basis.

We utilize I.V Class barges as well as MBCs on demand along with shore cranes for coal lighterage services. All equipments deployed for the operation depends upon the daily operations and quantity. We also provide separately barges and shore cranes to Charterers on demand.

All barges and cranes are available at west coast of India. Mobilization and demobilization time and charges will be extra.

Self propelled barges and MBC are also chartered for lighterage operations. Charterers contact us directly to hire barges for lighterage operations. We provide best hire rates along with quick services.
Inspection of barges and MBC available before dispatch and after work order is issued.

The barges are gearless sea worthy and Indian Flag without hatch covers.

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