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These tug boats are capable of assisting dredgers, civil engineering projects in shallow waters.  The available low drafts tugboats can operate in shallow waters.  These tug boats are also ideal in towing barges like flat top barge / dump barge, hopper barges, etc.

The multipurpose tug boats also can be utilized for salvage operation, rescue operation and also can be used as stand by vessel.  Other than this can be used for mooring job work.

Available multipurpose tug boats of 10 bollard pull, 20 bollard pull, 30 bollard pull, 40 bollard pull and 50 bollard pull with LOA of  10 mtrs, 15 mtrs, 25 mtrs, 32 mtrs, etc.

The ability to perform wide variety of duties makes these multipurpose tugboats in high demand. The shallow draft tug boats can easily be rigged with the equipments like firefighting, oil response, salvage etc.

If you have any requirement of tugboats services in harbor or at ocean, kindly do contact us.

English: The Multratug 17 a tug from Multrashi...
The Multratug 17 a tug from Multraship Towage & Salvage B.V, Netherlands on the Bligh Bank. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Tug boats at the Frierfjord, near Herøya, Norway
Tug boats at the Frierfjord, near Herøya, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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