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Tug Boat Charter Services | INDIA

Tugs boats available on Time Charter in India
Tug Boats on Rent / Hire / Charter

Tug Boat services are provided by either management companies or directly by the Tug Boat owners’ office. In India, the Tugs are available on charter (hire) for all service like port handling, towing, assisting big ships, project works, salvage etc. The charges are also depends directly on the job work and location.

While hiring the Tug Boats one should always hire / Charter Tug Boat from the office / owner who’s Tugs are located and operated in the particular region only. For example, if you are looking for Tug Boats at West Coast India (WCI) then look for the office which is providing charter service and located at West Coast India

Tug Boat in India

This is because, if you will hire the Tug Boats from East Coast Companies and the Tugs are located in East Coast, then you may have to pay huge mobilization and De-mobilization charges. 

It may can possible that a particular Tug owner / company has their office in West Coast India but do have their Tugs located in East Coast India also.

Saving the mobilization and De-mobilization charges saves both time and money.
Before hiring / chartering the Tug Boat, check for exact parameters required in the Tug which will match the scope of work. For example, if you are hiring the Tug boat for towing purpose, check whether you require winches, capstan, free deck area and most important exact bollard pull (towing capacity).

Tug Boat on Charter / Hire | India

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Tug Boat Available on Charter for towing job in Indian Waters and >Coastal Project works

Tugboat for towing on charter in IndiaTugboat available on charter for towing in Indian Waters


Tug “ TBN -2”  Specification

TypeMotor Ship Tug Boat
Built At:  SIBU MalaysiaMake:  2 x Cummins
Date of Built:  2008Model:  6BT 5..9G2 x CBF80 rated
Port of Registry                   :  Mumbai Flag                     :  Indian Classification        :  IRS
1.2                  PRINCIPAL DIMENSIONS
Length (Over All)                 :  31.00 m
Length (Registered)           :  28.68 m Beam (Registered)                  :   9.20 m Depth (Registered)                  :   4.20 m Draft (Summer) :   3.35 m
Gross  / NRT                         :  299 / 89 tons Bollard Pull (Ahead)     :    40 tons Bollard Pull (Stern)                 :    35 tons
1.3                  TANK CAPACITY
Fuel oil Tank :  257 m3
Fresh Water Tank                :   40  m3
Lubrication Oil Tank            :  1.5  m3
Ballast Tank   :    42 m3
1.4                                          Speed            :  10  Knots.(Approx. in clam weather) At Towing Speed (Subject to
Weather conditions           3.5 Knts.
1.5                  Deck Space Area (Free) & Capacity        :  80 Sq Mtrs. Upto 25 Tons (Approx)
2.                     DECK EQUIPMENT
Forward Anchor Windlass                        :  22mm Eletro Hyd. Anchor  windlass
c/w double gypsy & double drums Anchor                 :  2 X 570 kg Stocless bower anchor Chain cable        :  11 X 27.5 long.22mm dia grade 2 stud Link
AFT Towing Winch:  1 X Unit MEP Hyd. Towing winch ofLife BuoyLife Rafts:   08 no:   02 nos./15 Persons
Makerdouble drums local and remote control:  MEP-DD-400/80-H-TWBreathing Apparatus:  One complete set of fireman outfitc/w breathing  apparatus with safety
Drum pull low speed Drum pull high speed Drum Capacity high speed Drum Break hold:  400KN X 4m/min @ 1st   layer:  400KN X 20m/min @ 1st layer
:  650m X 42mm S..W.R.
:  80 tons static.
Parachute Distress Rocketsline, protective clothing, fireman'saxe with safety lamp of portable battery type
:  12 nos
Manoverboard:  02 nos
Towing  Hook (AFT)Rescue Boat: 01 no.
MakerCapacity:  TH40T:  40 tons
Mech. Foam FE:  45 Ltrs x 01 no.
3.MACHINERY PARTSD.C.P.:  09kg X 09 nos.
3.1Main EngineType:  2 x  Cummins KTA 50 M2hydrantsFire hoses c/w fire box, nozzles:  Main Deck and E/Room:  40mm X 6m - 02 nos.
PowerConsumption (MDO.Ltrs. Per Hrs):  2 X 1600BHP at 1800rpm c/w ReintjesWAF 665L Ration 5.950:1
:   250  Ltrs / Hrs full load
and jet spray Fire hoses withnozzles , Fire-axe:  40mm X 15m – 03 nos.:  02 Sets
:  01 no at Wheelhouse
Economical LoadConsumption ( fresh water):   100 Ltrs/Hr.:  2  tonsFire BucketFiFi pump Capacity:  03 nos:  28 m3/hr. @ 30 mtrs. Head self priming typed
3.2Propeller:  2 X fixed pitch propeller nozzles.
3.3Steering Gear:  2.5 tons Palmarine Electric Hyd.
3.4Oily water separator with holding  tank capacity:  0.25cm3/hr SOLAS/IMO approvedCrewOfficer:  08 Crews:  07 Offices
3.5Sewage treatment plant:  0.9m3/day(15 men) SOLAS/IMO
78KW/100 KVA,  PHASE 240/415V
50HZ Consumption            :  12 to 15 Ltrs./ hr.
3.7   PUMPS
Model - Azcue Bombas    :  Bilage G.S. and ballast
Capacity         :  40m3/hr.at 30m Model – DP2PL        :  FO transfer pump Capacity                   :  25 to 30m3/hr
VHF     ( with DSC)               :  2 X FURUNO FM 8800S -
Int.VHF Radio (with DSC)   :  2 X SAMYUNG – STR6000A MF/HF Transceiver      :  1 X FURUNO FS – 1503
Inmartsat – C                        :  1 X FURUNO – FELCOM – 15
Navtex           :  1 X JMC NT – 2000
GMDSS          :  2 X Jotron TR-20 VHF Portable
Radar              :  1 X Furuno 1832 Marine Radar
GPS                 :  Furuno  GP 32  X 02 Sets
Echo Sounder                      :  1 X Furuno FCV620,6”, 300m
Dual  freq. of 50/200Khz, 10-
30V DC (Digital)
SART               :  1 X JOTRON TRON SART EPIRB              :  1 X JORTON – TRON 40S AIS                 :  1 X SAMYUNG AI- 30
Magnetic Compass             :  Daiko T150B Table Type
Binocular       :  7 x 50 ( 01 no)
Life Jackets   :  19 nos

40 Bollar Pull Tug Boat

Tugboat Towing Services

Tugboats available in India for all type ship towing job works.

We are in poistion to provide tug boats of various capacity for towing manned and un-manned ships / vessels.

Tugboat, bollard pull, tow, ship vessel, India, harbor, ocean, deep sea, shallow

The ocean-going tugs provided by us are capable of accomplishing challenging towing projects anywhere in world.

We provide tugs for harbor projects as well as long distance tows in open sea.

Tugs available for assisting floating cranes, ship to ship job works, towing flat top barges etc. The tugboats available are best to meet all our customer needs. Tugs are capable of operating in shallow water as well in the deep sea.
Available tugboats from 20 bollard pull to 80 bollard pull.

Ship Towing Services | Tug Boat

Towing job works as per towcon
Tug Boat Services

AHTS vessels Balder Viking and Normand master ...
AHTS vessels Balder Viking and Normand master is towing the norwegian drill rigg Ocean Vanguard from the Yard in Norway 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hiring Tugboats in India |Tug Boat

The M/V Tuscarora shortly after weighing ancho...
The M/V Tuscarora shortly after weighing anchor in the Duluth-Superior harbor. She is being assisted by two Great Lakes Towing Company Tugs as she prepares to head to a grain elevator to take on a load of grain. IMO Number: 8120698 MMSI Number: 636012665 Callsign: A8GX2 Length: 195 m Beam: 23 m (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

50 Bollard Pull Tug | On Time Charter

50 Bollard Pull Tug Boats, Tug for Towing, India, East Coast, West Coast, AHT, OSV

Harbor and Ocean Tug on Charter

Tug boat of 50 Bollard Pull on charter available for STS operation or in harbor operation. The particular of the available tug boat is as below

                      6000 BHP / AHTS / FiFi-1


Fuel Oil
Drill  Water                                    
Portable Water (F.W)           
194.93 m3
Free Deck Space                   
334.0 m2

Year of built                      
Ship Yard                                      
M/S Robin Shipyard Pte Ltd. 
Class Sign                                    

Port of Registry                 

61.35  Mtrs 
Registered Length                         
Breadth Moulded    
60.50 Mtrs
13.11 Mtrs 
Depth Moulded                                        
5.5  Mtrs 
4.49  mtrs
GRT / NRT                                       
1206/ 362 T 
1220  T
Bollard Pull                                               
51.8 T 
Speed Max                                      
10 Knots

Main Engine      
2 x  6000  BHP, MAN SULZER
12 ASV 25/30 @1000 RPM Propeller          
2 x CPP in kort Nozzles
Bow thruster    
1 x Kamome Tc 30S 306 BHP, 3.5 T ( Eng. Driven)
2 x GM 12 V-71, 160 Kw, 440V /50 Hz 3 Phase      
1 x Cat 3406 B, 150 KW, 440 V /50 Hz 3 Phase

At peak Speed                  
12 MT / Day
At Cruising Speed                 
8 T / Day
At Anchor                             
0.8 T / day

AHT Winch                                   
Fukushima Double drum, Hydraulic
Towing winch capacity    
100T X 9M/Min
Anchor handling winch   
130T X 7M/Min
Towing wire                    
56 mm Diameter  (L=900M) 
Work wire              
56 mm Diameter (L=150M) 
Spooling Drum             
Stern Roller                      
1 x 4m x 1.8 m dia, 250 T SWL
Tugger Winches             
2 x 5 T 
Hydraulic Windlass         
32 mm x 11 m/min 
2 x 1040 kgs
Rescue Boat                  
Rescue Nets                    
Rescue Zones                
2, One on each side
ACCOMMODATION  (Air conditioned)

28 Berths in 10 cabins  4 x 1 Berth cabins, 6 x 4 Berth Cabins

Auto pilot                                       
VHF Portable                                
2 x 5 W(ICOM) ,1(MOTOROLA) 
SSB Radio                                                
1 x SAILOR HC 4500/250W 
A1 + A2+ A3
2 x  Furuno
Gyro Compass                             
AIS (FA-100)                     
MiNI M                                
IMMARSAT  C                  
Echo Sounder                              
1 x Furuno
2 x Furuno

Fire Fighting & Life Saving Appliances – As Per SOLAS / Flag Admin & Classification Rules

The Tug boat is capable of performing all in harbor and deep sea operation along with salvage and fire fighting.

For any requirement, kindly do contact us. The tug boat is subjected .to availability

Also available tug boats on time charter of Bollard pull 15, 20, 25, 30, and 40

Location : India

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