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Self Propelled Barges on Time Charter in India


We are active agents based in India and provide Self Propelled Cargo Barges on Time Charter.

A tugboat pushing a barge westward along the m...
A tugboat pushing a barge westward along the main stem of the Chicago River (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The cargo barges are available of carrying capacity ranging from 1100 DWT to 3000 DWT. All cargo barges are self propelled and are I.V.Class and permitted to operate in Indian Waters only.

The Barges are available with or without cranes as per requirement of the clients.

Interested clients can contact us by leaving their complete details in the comment box below

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English: Self propelled barge with a steel wir...
English: Self propelled barge with a steel wire rod load on the Neckar in Heidelberg, Germany Français : Chaland Automoteur avec un chargement de fil machine sur la rivière Neckar au passage d'Heidelberg, Allemagne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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