Tug Boat Charter Services | INDIA Tug Boat Charter Services | INDIA

Tug Boat Charter Services | INDIA

Tugs boats available on Time Charter in India
Tug Boats on Rent / Hire / Charter

Tug Boat services are provided by either management companies or directly by the Tug Boat owners’ office. In India, the Tugs are available on charter (hire) for all service like port handling, towing, assisting big ships, project works, salvage etc. The charges are also depends directly on the job work and location.

While hiring the Tug Boats one should always hire / Charter Tug Boat from the office / owner who’s Tugs are located and operated in the particular region only. For example, if you are looking for Tug Boats at West Coast India (WCI) then look for the office which is providing charter service and located at West Coast India

Tug Boat in India

This is because, if you will hire the Tug Boats from East Coast Companies and the Tugs are located in East Coast, then you may have to pay huge mobilization and De-mobilization charges. 

It may can possible that a particular Tug owner / company has their office in West Coast India but do have their Tugs located in East Coast India also.

Saving the mobilization and De-mobilization charges saves both time and money.
Before hiring / chartering the Tug Boat, check for exact parameters required in the Tug which will match the scope of work. For example, if you are hiring the Tug boat for towing purpose, check whether you require winches, capstan, free deck area and most important exact bollard pull (towing capacity).

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