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Flat Top Barge

Flat Top Barge with Tug Boat

Flat Top Barges, Self Propelled, Shallow Water, Pontoon, Barge, India, Coastal, Marine, Engineering, Ships

Flat Top Barges along with tugboat are capable of operating at shallow waters. These Flat Top Barges are without engine and requires Tugboat to tow or push them.

We are service providers for Flat Top Barges required for coastal engineering works. Crawling Excavators also can be mounted on these Flat Top Barges on requirement which can be utilized as for limited dredging / excavation work at shallow water. These barges can also utilize for drilling works, construction or repair of jetty, transporting over dimension cargo, diving works, etc. Ideal for operating at river channels, shallow water where limited draft available, these barges are in high demand. Anchor chains, winches along with skilled operators enables the barge to complete the job works.

For any requirement of Flat Top Barge along with Tugboat for coastal engineering works, kindly do contact us with details like open deck space required, capacity, whether reuired for Over dimension cargo or for carrying construction material like boulders, bars etc
The barge along with tugboat are capable of supporting cranes, storing material and are available in capacity of 200 MT to 5000 MT and above depending upon requirement.

MBC 2100 DWT| On Time Charter

Mini Bulk Carriers, MBC, 2100 DWT, Self Propelled Barge, India, Barge with hatch cover, all weather barge2100 DWT Mini Bulk Carrier

Year of Built : 2002

Class : IRS

Port of Registry : Mumbai, India

The mini bulk carrier available for trading any lawful dry bulk cargo for operation with in Indian Water Limits.

MAIN DIMENSIONS          : LOA               : 70.90 M                                 B(Mld)                         : 14.00  M
                                           LBP                 : 68.40 M                               D( Mld)                        : 4.675  M
                                           d (Scantling)    : 3.83 M                                 d (Loaded)                   : 3.359 M

OTHER DIMENSIONS        : Coaming
                                             Height              : 1.45 M

DWT                                     : 2195 MT                                                       GRT / NRT                   : 1441 / 966

SPEED                                 : Loaded Condition- 4.5 to 5 knots abt         CONSUMPTION          : 2.0 Tons / Day
                                             Ballast condition – 51/2 knots abt.                                                     0.5 MT/Day in Port abt

NO. OF HOLDS                    : Two                                                               SIZE                             : 2 @ 25.20 X 11.00 X 3.675M
NO. OF HATCHES              : Two                                                               SIZE                              : 2 @ 18.OO X 9.00M

HATCH COVERS                : Single Pull Steel Hatchcovers operated by windlass

CAPACITIES                       : Cargo Holds : 2496M³ (Grain)                     
                                                DB Tanks     : 540 M³  (F.W)                        F.W.                               : 80 Tons
                                                Wing Tanks  : 520 M³ ( E.O.)                       F.O.                                : 80 Tons

ANCHORS/CHAINS           : 2 @ 1210 kg. each – 2 x 192.5 M of Stud link Chains / 32 MM

WINDLASS                         : 1 No. -2 Speed / 5500 kg Pull @ 4.5 / 9.0 M /Min. 2 Warping Heads / 350mm dia.

CAPSTAN                           : 1 No. – 2 Speed / 5000kg. Pull @ 6 / 12 M / Min. 1 Warping head / 400mm dia

STEERING GEAR              : 1 No. Electro Hydraulic Double Acting Ram Type Actuator / 3 HP Pump / Motor

Propellers                             : 2 of Manganese Bronze / 1450 MM dia

ACCOMODATION            : 6 Officers / 8 Crew /accommodation air conditioned (1 separate unit outside of engine

MACHINERY                    :  Engines                     Main                      Auxiliary                 Generators
                                               Nos.             :               2                             2                              Nos.       :           2
                                               Make           :               Cummins                                      
                                               Type            :               KT1150  M           N- 495-MG            K.V.A      :           75
                                               BHP            :               475 each                91 each                   Voltage    :           415 AC
                                               RPM           :               1800                       1500                       Phase      :            3
                                          Red. Gear   :               2 x MG 514                                          Cycles      :           50

       NAVIGATIONAL EQP       MF/HF Transceiver;   MF / HF Radio Telex, Inmarsat – C, Main / Duplicate VHF Transceiver, EPIRB, SART, 
       RADAR, Gyrocompass, GMDSS, Navtex. GPS Plotter, AIS, LRIT

Owns interested in providing on long term time charter

The vessel is of Indian Flag and suitable for trading with in India Coast

525 Cu Mtr Hopper Barge | Self Propelled

Self Propelled Hopper Barge

Dredging at Warrenpoint harbour. The ...
Dredging at Warrenpoint harbour.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hopper barges on Time Charter

Hopper barges for coastal operation and maintenance work available. The hopper barges are ideal for operating at shallow waters and assisting dredgers and coastal repair works. The particulars and condition of the self propelled hopper barge is as below.

Hopper Barge

525 Cu Mtrs
Hopper Volume
91.6 X 6.7 X 4.10
550- 600 MT
6-7 Knots
Fuel Consumption
30 Liters Per Hour (Steeming)

3-4 Ltrs (stand by)
Bottom Opening
Pontoon Doors
680 HP Ashok Leyland

Hopper Barge is available direct from the owners on time charter. Interested charterer do contact us for more details on charter rates
The hopper barge is in sea worthy condition and subjected to availability
Location: India

Our services includes providing hopper barges (with engines and without engines) Dumb barges, Pontoon Barge, Flat Top Self Propelled Barge, Tug Boats and MBC

2200 DWT Self Propelled Barges | Time Charter

Self Propelled Cargo Barge of 2200 DWT

Cargo Barges on Time Charter services

Self Propelled Barges available for coastal sea transport of lawful dry bulk cargo. The barges available with carrying capacity 2200 DWT and powered with 2 cummins engines. Barge possesses single hatch / hold without cover and no free deck space is available. Complete particulars are mention below

English: Dutch 4,522 DWT Mini-bulker Arklow Ra...
Dutch 4,522 DWT Mini-bulker Arklow Rally loading scrap metal in Brest harbour.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Loaded Draft
8.5 Knots
Main Engine
325 HP X 2

The barges are built in the year 2000 and regular trading at west coast India.

We provide self propelled barges direct from owners. Barges with carrying capacity 1500 DWT to 2200 DWT are available for trading in lawful dry bulk cargo. Owners interested in long time charter. Charterers should possess authentic background in operating cargo barges.
The self propelled cargo barges possess all legal permission to operate at coastal and within harbor limits
Location : India

We also arrange cargo barges, dumb barges, hopper barges along with tug boats for coastal trading

Tug Boats | Towing Services in India

Tug Boats in India

Available Tug Boats for long term time charter, call out basis and also on voyage charter

Tug Boat Services in India, Towing, Ocean, harbor, bollard pull
We are brokers and our service includes providing tug boats on charter for assisting ships at ocean and in harbor. Other services also include towing dredgers, barges, salvage equipments, and scrap / dead ships. We arrange tug boats of 10 Bollard Pull to 50 Bollard Pull or as per client’s requirements.

Tug Boats are also available for towing rigs and also as stand by and supply vessel at ocean platforms. We operate from India (West Coast) and all tugs we provide are from west coast India. All tugs boat are Indian Flag and possessing valid permissions to operate in Indian Waters. These tugs also can be made available for towing ships or equipments from foreign waters to India or from India to any foreign waters.

We provide competitive and cost effective services. Tug Boat are available for all weather operation for 24 X7. Harbor Tugs boats are available for short period or on call out basis at particular port for operating within port limits.


Tugboats for Towing Ships, Barges, Dredgers

Tugboats for Ocean and Harbor Operations 

Tug Boats for towing ships, barges, dredgers, pontoons etc are available on time charter.
Ocean going tug boats of 30 bollards pull and above are capable of towing large ships which requires assistance for maneuvering at deep seas

The M/V Tuscarora shortly after weighing ancho...
The M/V Tuscarora shortly after weighing anchor in the Duluth-Superior harbor. She is being assisted by two Great Lakes Towing Company Tugs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
These tugboats are built for the purpose of performing all commercial activities mainly assisting ships at open sea / ocean.

Our services are available round the clock for providing tugboats for such job works.
The towing of ships, berthing and un-berthing of ships , assisting ships at channels or straits in safe and efficient manner is our specialty

The tugs are made available directly from their owners to the required clients by our company.  All required infrastructure to render such services are available with us to serve the clients with most appropriate manner. 

All tug boats provided by us are capable of pulling / towing of any capacity and at any location.

Visit below clip for pictures of Harbor Tugboat available on time charter.

Multipurpose Tug Boats | India


These tug boats are capable of assisting dredgers, civil engineering projects in shallow waters.  The available low drafts tugboats can operate in shallow waters.  These tug boats are also ideal in towing barges like flat top barge / dump barge, hopper barges, etc.

The multipurpose tug boats also can be utilized for salvage operation, rescue operation and also can be used as stand by vessel.  Other than this can be used for mooring job work.

Available multipurpose tug boats of 10 bollard pull, 20 bollard pull, 30 bollard pull, 40 bollard pull and 50 bollard pull with LOA of  10 mtrs, 15 mtrs, 25 mtrs, 32 mtrs, etc.

The ability to perform wide variety of duties makes these multipurpose tugboats in high demand. The shallow draft tug boats can easily be rigged with the equipments like firefighting, oil response, salvage etc.

If you have any requirement of tugboats services in harbor or at ocean, kindly do contact us.

English: The Multratug 17 a tug from Multrashi...
The Multratug 17 a tug from Multraship Towage & Salvage B.V, Netherlands on the Bligh Bank. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Tug boats at the Frierfjord, near Herøya, Norway
Tug boats at the Frierfjord, near Herøya, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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