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Self Propelled Cargo Barge of 2200 DWT

Cargo Barges on Time Charter services

Self Propelled Barges available for coastal sea transport of lawful dry bulk cargo. The barges available with carrying capacity 2200 DWT and powered with 2 cummins engines. Barge possesses single hatch / hold without cover and no free deck space is available. Complete particulars are mention below

English: Dutch 4,522 DWT Mini-bulker Arklow Ra...
Dutch 4,522 DWT Mini-bulker Arklow Rally loading scrap metal in Brest harbour.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Loaded Draft
8.5 Knots
Main Engine
325 HP X 2

The barges are built in the year 2000 and regular trading at west coast India.

We provide self propelled barges direct from owners. Barges with carrying capacity 1500 DWT to 2200 DWT are available for trading in lawful dry bulk cargo. Owners interested in long time charter. Charterers should possess authentic background in operating cargo barges.
The self propelled cargo barges possess all legal permission to operate at coastal and within harbor limits
Location : India

We also arrange cargo barges, dumb barges, hopper barges along with tug boats for coastal trading

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