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PSV / Platform Supply Vessels on Time Charter

The Platform Supply Vessels / PSV are designed to support and supply offshore platform installations at various locations. The PSV is capable of accomplishing various tasks. Platform Supply Vessels are used for activities like supply of water, oil and other material to offshore rigs and platforms.  These platform supply vessel / PSV are also utilized for emergency evacuations; stand by vessel, routine surveillance and transfer of crew / personnel from shore to the offshore platform.

English: Platform Supply Vessel. Photo by Agni...
Platform Supply Vessel. Photo by Agnitio_Navicula 1999. Found in article "PSV" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
These platform supply vessels / PSV as generally above 4400 BHP and the dead weight is above 3300 DWT along with overall length of 70mtrs to 75 mtrs.

The PSV are very useful and support various offshore duties which are the basic and necessary required between shore and offshore platforms located and installed at various locations.

The PSV / Platform Supply Vessels are redundant dynamic position (DP 1 / DP 2) system features, signifies the highest level of environment compliance.  These vessels can also act as emergency command centers and also can provide transit accommodation and medical aid to casualties.
Nederlands: Supplyboot bij platform K6P, eigen...
Nederlands: Supplyboot bij platform K6P, eigen foto Caseman 1997 Categorie:Afbeelding schip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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