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Towing Services | Tug Boat and Crew Boats

Tug Services and Crew Boat Services


Our well qualified staff is specialized in marine services and equipment rental. We have developed our business on the concept of reliable sourcing, competitive quotes and serve our valued clients.
Justine McAllister (IMO 8107878), a tug boat i...
Justine McAllister (IMO 8107878), a tug boat in New York Harbor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our services includes
Towing Services at Harbor and Ocean
Crew Boat on short time charter
Supply Vessels
AHT Services

We are based at west coast India. The Tugs boats on time charter are available of bollard pull 20, 30, 40 and 50 with all required deck equipments.
Also we have crew boat available for short time charter with passenger capacity from 4 personals and above. The particulars of the tug boats can be provided on demand
All tugs boats and crew boats are IRS class with Indian Flag

Tug boats at the Frierfjord, near Herøya, Norway
Tug boats at the Frierfjord, near Herøya, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Call us : +91 - 97 455 27 006

15 Bollard Pull | Tug Boats

Tug Boat of 15 Bollard Pull

Tug Boat available of 15 bollard pull for towing pontoon , dumb barges and hopper barges

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Tug boats available for towing or pushing hopper barges or pontoon / dumb barge in channels or within harbor limits. The tug boats of min 15 bollard pull is sufficient for towing depending upon the carrying capacity of hopper and pontoon barge. The tug boat is of IV class and possesses all valid documents for operating within harbor limits. 

Permission can be taken for sailing from one port to other, if required. The tug boat is fitted with winches of 1 X 20 Tons and other of 1 X 10 Tons. Powered with generators of 200 KVA and main engine of 2 X 720 BHP. Speed depends between 6 Knots to 10 Knots max. Main Engine fuel consumption is 50 Liters per hour per engine and for A/E engine 100 Ltrs per day. Tug Boat is registered with Indian Registration of Shipping and built in year 2000 with overall length of 27mtrs, GRT 190 T and NRT 60 T.

For your requirement of Tug Boat of 15 Bollard Pull contact us with complete details of scope of work and charterers back ground along with operating location details
Inspection possible before sailing and after release of work order

Also available tug boats of Bollard pull, 20, 30, 40, 45, 50. For more details do contact us

Tug Boats | Towing Services in India

Tug Boats in India

Available Tug Boats for long term time charter, call out basis and also on voyage charter

Tug Boat Services in India, Towing, Ocean, harbor, bollard pull
We are brokers and our service includes providing tug boats on charter for assisting ships at ocean and in harbor. Other services also include towing dredgers, barges, salvage equipments, and scrap / dead ships. We arrange tug boats of 10 Bollard Pull to 50 Bollard Pull or as per client’s requirements.

Tug Boats are also available for towing rigs and also as stand by and supply vessel at ocean platforms. We operate from India (West Coast) and all tugs we provide are from west coast India. All tugs boat are Indian Flag and possessing valid permissions to operate in Indian Waters. These tugs also can be made available for towing ships or equipments from foreign waters to India or from India to any foreign waters.

We provide competitive and cost effective services. Tug Boat are available for all weather operation for 24 X7. Harbor Tugs boats are available for short period or on call out basis at particular port for operating within port limits.

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