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Self Propelled Cargo Barges | Charter

Self Propelled Cargo Barges

Self Propelled barges are cost effective and economical in terms of transportation by sea, rivers or channel for a short limited distance.  The barges capable of operating in shallow waters are very economical for coastal operations where the availability of jetty and ports are limited.
Low draft self propelled barges with crane mounted is the first choice among the charterers. These barges are capable of operating in shallow waters and with the help of cranes the cargo discharge is also possible at required coast.
The self propelled barges of low draft and mounted crane is mostly in demand from charterers from Maldives and Lakshadweep.

Self propelled cargo barges are also in demand for loading and unloading of cargo from mother vessels ( panama, supramax and handymax) at shallow water ports or fresh water ports where the draft restriction are there.

Self propelled Barges on charter

Tug Boat on Charter / Hire | India

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Tug Boat Available on Charter for towing job in Indian Waters and >Coastal Project works

Tugboat for towing on charter in IndiaTugboat available on charter for towing in Indian Waters


Tug “ TBN -2”  Specification

TypeMotor Ship Tug Boat
Built At:  SIBU MalaysiaMake:  2 x Cummins
Date of Built:  2008Model:  6BT 5..9G2 x CBF80 rated
Port of Registry                   :  Mumbai Flag                     :  Indian Classification        :  IRS
1.2                  PRINCIPAL DIMENSIONS
Length (Over All)                 :  31.00 m
Length (Registered)           :  28.68 m Beam (Registered)                  :   9.20 m Depth (Registered)                  :   4.20 m Draft (Summer) :   3.35 m
Gross  / NRT                         :  299 / 89 tons Bollard Pull (Ahead)     :    40 tons Bollard Pull (Stern)                 :    35 tons
1.3                  TANK CAPACITY
Fuel oil Tank :  257 m3
Fresh Water Tank                :   40  m3
Lubrication Oil Tank            :  1.5  m3
Ballast Tank   :    42 m3
1.4                                          Speed            :  10  Knots.(Approx. in clam weather) At Towing Speed (Subject to
Weather conditions           3.5 Knts.
1.5                  Deck Space Area (Free) & Capacity        :  80 Sq Mtrs. Upto 25 Tons (Approx)
2.                     DECK EQUIPMENT
Forward Anchor Windlass                        :  22mm Eletro Hyd. Anchor  windlass
c/w double gypsy & double drums Anchor                 :  2 X 570 kg Stocless bower anchor Chain cable        :  11 X 27.5 long.22mm dia grade 2 stud Link
AFT Towing Winch:  1 X Unit MEP Hyd. Towing winch ofLife BuoyLife Rafts:   08 no:   02 nos./15 Persons
Makerdouble drums local and remote control:  MEP-DD-400/80-H-TWBreathing Apparatus:  One complete set of fireman outfitc/w breathing  apparatus with safety
Drum pull low speed Drum pull high speed Drum Capacity high speed Drum Break hold:  400KN X 4m/min @ 1st   layer:  400KN X 20m/min @ 1st layer
:  650m X 42mm S..W.R.
:  80 tons static.
Parachute Distress Rocketsline, protective clothing, fireman'saxe with safety lamp of portable battery type
:  12 nos
Manoverboard:  02 nos
Towing  Hook (AFT)Rescue Boat: 01 no.
MakerCapacity:  TH40T:  40 tons
Mech. Foam FE:  45 Ltrs x 01 no.
3.MACHINERY PARTSD.C.P.:  09kg X 09 nos.
3.1Main EngineType:  2 x  Cummins KTA 50 M2hydrantsFire hoses c/w fire box, nozzles:  Main Deck and E/Room:  40mm X 6m - 02 nos.
PowerConsumption (MDO.Ltrs. Per Hrs):  2 X 1600BHP at 1800rpm c/w ReintjesWAF 665L Ration 5.950:1
:   250  Ltrs / Hrs full load
and jet spray Fire hoses withnozzles , Fire-axe:  40mm X 15m – 03 nos.:  02 Sets
:  01 no at Wheelhouse
Economical LoadConsumption ( fresh water):   100 Ltrs/Hr.:  2  tonsFire BucketFiFi pump Capacity:  03 nos:  28 m3/hr. @ 30 mtrs. Head self priming typed
3.2Propeller:  2 X fixed pitch propeller nozzles.
3.3Steering Gear:  2.5 tons Palmarine Electric Hyd.
3.4Oily water separator with holding  tank capacity:  0.25cm3/hr SOLAS/IMO approvedCrewOfficer:  08 Crews:  07 Offices
3.5Sewage treatment plant:  0.9m3/day(15 men) SOLAS/IMO
78KW/100 KVA,  PHASE 240/415V
50HZ Consumption            :  12 to 15 Ltrs./ hr.
3.7   PUMPS
Model - Azcue Bombas    :  Bilage G.S. and ballast
Capacity         :  40m3/hr.at 30m Model – DP2PL        :  FO transfer pump Capacity                   :  25 to 30m3/hr
VHF     ( with DSC)               :  2 X FURUNO FM 8800S -
Int.VHF Radio (with DSC)   :  2 X SAMYUNG – STR6000A MF/HF Transceiver      :  1 X FURUNO FS – 1503
Inmartsat – C                        :  1 X FURUNO – FELCOM – 15
Navtex           :  1 X JMC NT – 2000
GMDSS          :  2 X Jotron TR-20 VHF Portable
Radar              :  1 X Furuno 1832 Marine Radar
GPS                 :  Furuno  GP 32  X 02 Sets
Echo Sounder                      :  1 X Furuno FCV620,6”, 300m
Dual  freq. of 50/200Khz, 10-
30V DC (Digital)
SART               :  1 X JOTRON TRON SART EPIRB              :  1 X JORTON – TRON 40S AIS                 :  1 X SAMYUNG AI- 30
Magnetic Compass             :  Daiko T150B Table Type
Binocular       :  7 x 50 ( 01 no)
Life Jackets   :  19 nos

Ship Brokers - Self Porpelled Barges, Coastal Vessels, MBC

A self propelled dry bulk barge carrying crush...
A self propelled dry bulk barge carrying crushed stone near Wuhan, 18 June 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Self Propelled Barges on Time Charter

We provide Self Propelled Barges on Voyage Charter and Time Charter for carrying general cargo in coastal waters.


The Self Propelled barges are possessing permission and are capable of inland navigation as well as for Port to Port navigation. The Fleet of self propelled Barges from loading and unloading of ships at anchorage is also available which can load cargo from the Jetties as well as from outer anchorage. We are in position to operate at Goa, Karwar, Deghi, Revdanda, Dharamtar,Gujarat Coast and Kerala Coast. Also we provide services for hopper barges, jack-up barges, dump barges, flat bottom barges, oil barges and Crane Barge


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30 Bollard Pull Tug, Tug Boat Hire, Charter Services

30 Bollard Pull Tug Boat

Ocean Going and Harbor Tugs

Ocean going Tug Boats
of 30 bollard pull are available for towing ships from port to port are available. The tugs boats also available for undertaking job works of towing dredgers, pontoons, barges, rigs etc.

Tug Boats along with their experienced crew are capable of towing
manned and unmanned vessels
from and to any safe port. These tugs are also capable of assisting tugs
at harbor.
Tugs are available of less than fifteen years
with latest equipments mounted on board.

We are service providers and arrange tugs on time charter and voyage charter for towing vessels, dredgers, pontoons, barges. We also arrange tugs
on call out basis. 
Tugs are maintained well and provides
complaint free services throughout the service period. Maintenance of tugs
are done periodically to keep them sea worthly.

For all you tug requirement, do contact us. Harbor tugs on call out basis as well as tugs for towing and assisting flat top barges are also available.

15 Bollard Pull | Tug Boats

Tug Boat of 15 Bollard Pull

Tug Boat available of 15 bollard pull for towing pontoon , dumb barges and hopper barges

Tug Boat, Towing , 15 Bollard Pull, india, Tug services, harbor tugs, barge tugs, pontoon tugs, dredger tugs
Tug boats available for towing or pushing hopper barges or pontoon / dumb barge in channels or within harbor limits. The tug boats of min 15 bollard pull is sufficient for towing depending upon the carrying capacity of hopper and pontoon barge. The tug boat is of IV class and possesses all valid documents for operating within harbor limits. 

Permission can be taken for sailing from one port to other, if required. The tug boat is fitted with winches of 1 X 20 Tons and other of 1 X 10 Tons. Powered with generators of 200 KVA and main engine of 2 X 720 BHP. Speed depends between 6 Knots to 10 Knots max. Main Engine fuel consumption is 50 Liters per hour per engine and for A/E engine 100 Ltrs per day. Tug Boat is registered with Indian Registration of Shipping and built in year 2000 with overall length of 27mtrs, GRT 190 T and NRT 60 T.

For your requirement of Tug Boat of 15 Bollard Pull contact us with complete details of scope of work and charterers back ground along with operating location details
Inspection possible before sailing and after release of work order

Also available tug boats of Bollard pull, 20, 30, 40, 45, 50. For more details do contact us

Flat Top Barges and Tug Boats on Time Charter

Barge Loading
Barge Loading (Photo credit: jfraser)

Flat Top Dumb Barge and Tug boat

Flat Top Barges with Tug Boats on Time Charter in India

As per I.V. Act
Barge Type
Flat Top Dumb Barge
Length (M)
50 m
Breadth (M)
10.00 m
Depth (M)
3.00 m
550 M.T
Port of Registry
Construction Type-Stern
Transom / Steel

As per I.V. Act
Length (M)
19.00 m
Breadth (M)
6.00 m
Depth (M)
3.00 m
2 x 325 BHP @ 1800 RPM
Engine Make
Cummins NTA-855-M BC
95.00 M.T
28.00 M.T
No. of Crew
As per I.V Act
Valid Cargo Boat License
Harbour & Tindel Master Registration
Marine Hull Insurance Policy
Port of Registry
Year of Built
Deck Details
Boat Propulsion
Twin Screw
Construction Type-Stern
Transom / Steel
Passenger Passing
12 persons

If any requirement, kindly leave your requirement details in the comment box below

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