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OCEAN FREIGHT ( Container Service ) IN INDIA

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Container Ocean Freight Options

OCEAN FREIGHT ( Container Service )
• Flat Rack Containers
• Reefer Containers
ISO Tank containers

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Rice Shipment in Container

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Rice Shipment from India

Exporting Rice in Containers and Handling Rice Container shipping from major ports in India

Rice is mostly exported in containers as well as in break bulk. We handle both shipments from all major ports in India. The packing as per international standard size is in 20-25 Kg and 50 Kg PP Bags. The Exporter should take special care while packing the bags as moisture can spoil the quality of rice. Also extra care should be taken care regarding the PP Bags which are used for packing the rice and the exporter should check the bursting capacity while buying those bags from the manufacturer. The reason is longer the shipment time and more the chance that the bags may can burst resulting in spillage and wastage of the cargo which can result in penalties to export / shipper as well as to shipping company.
Proper voyage planing is required to avoid unwanted delays in shipping the rice cargo.
We handle all such issues in order to provide complete solution and support to the exporter / shipper of rice from India. We work round the clock to take care about all possibilities which can affect the shipment.

Proper handling while transporting, handling of rice cargo at port, documentation, freight forwarding, liner services and shipping documents all are process by us under one roof. You manage and support from all ends to complete your rice shipment in containers from all major ports in India.

Contact us with complete details like exporter / shipper name, past profile, shipping date, total quantity, and readiness of rice cargo.
If any other details required, do contact us.

Rice Shipping and Freight Services

Uncooked, polished, white long-grain rice grains
White long-grain rice grains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The cargo ship Nephrit of in the habour of (Ea...
The cargo ship Nephrit of in the habour of (East Frisia, Germany) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Container Shipment to Male, Maldives

Male, Madives
Regular container services from India to Maldives.
LCL / FCL services.

Provide complete logistic solution for your LCL / FCL cargo shipment from major ports in India to Male, Maldives.

Door to door service available on demand. Competitive ocean freight with best shipping option.

For loose cargo also packed cargo along machinery shipping. Handling, carrying and cargo forwarding for legal harmless cargo.

For all your cargo forwarding services do write to us.

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