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Tugboats for Towing Ships, Barges, Dredgers

Tugboats for Ocean and Harbor Operations 

Tug Boats for towing ships, barges, dredgers, pontoons etc are available on time charter.
Ocean going tug boats of 30 bollards pull and above are capable of towing large ships which requires assistance for maneuvering at deep seas

The M/V Tuscarora shortly after weighing ancho...
The M/V Tuscarora shortly after weighing anchor in the Duluth-Superior harbor. She is being assisted by two Great Lakes Towing Company Tugs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
These tugboats are built for the purpose of performing all commercial activities mainly assisting ships at open sea / ocean.

Our services are available round the clock for providing tugboats for such job works.
The towing of ships, berthing and un-berthing of ships , assisting ships at channels or straits in safe and efficient manner is our specialty

The tugs are made available directly from their owners to the required clients by our company.  All required infrastructure to render such services are available with us to serve the clients with most appropriate manner. 

All tug boats provided by us are capable of pulling / towing of any capacity and at any location.

Visit below clip for pictures of Harbor Tugboat available on time charter.

Harbour Towing Services | Tugboats India

Harbor Tugs

Harbor tug services are available from direct owners. The Tugboats with 30 bollard pull to 50 bollard pull are available from direct owners for long term time charter with in harbor operations.
The Tugs services for round the clock at ports for berthing and unberthing, towing of the vessel, emergency fire fighting and all other port / harbor operations.

The tug boats are available for all major and minor ports in India such as at Mumbai, Dighi, Jaigad, Kochi, kollam, Calicut, Haldia, Chennai, Krishnapatnam, Vizag, Gangavaram, Paradip etc
English: The Multratug 17 a tug from Multrashi...
The Multratug 17 a tug from Multraship Towage & Salvage B.V, Netherlands on the Bligh Bank. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The tug boats are successful in terms of technology, size, draft, bollard pull, and operating crew.  Shallow draft tug boats are also available for handling mooring work, crew transfer, towing barges , assisting dredgers, etc
Interested clients do contact us with their genuine and authentic requirement. You can leave your requirement and contact details in the comment box also.

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