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Lighterage operations, Anchorage loading, Anchorage discharge from ships

Lighterage Operations

We undertake job works for loading and unloading ships at anchorage for dry bulk commodities in India. For lighterage operation or loading ships at anchorage we use self propelled barges or MBCs which are gearless and are of carrying capacity 1000 DWT to 2500 DWT.

US Navy lighterage system - modern landing barges
US Navy lighterage system - modern landing barges (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The lighterage operation consists of process of discharge the dry bulk commodity from the mother vessel, anchored offshore or at stream. The cargo is first unloaded into the self propelled barges and then transported to the nearest pier, berth or jetty. For the same operation either the ship cranes are used for unloading the dry bulk commodity into barges and port cranes are used to unload from the barges to the pier, berth or jetty. In case the ship is gearless (without crane), then shore cranes has to be used for the discharge of cargo at both end.

Daily discharge rate of 6000 MT to 10,000MT can be maintained during weather working days. All lawful general dry commodities are handled.



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