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Cargo Ship Open Yangon, ARD 9th Feb 2013

The Yangon River (also known as Rangoon River ...
The Yangon River (also known as Rangoon River or Hlaing River) is an estuary that runs from Yangon, Myanmar to the Andaman Sea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

M/V V.LINESOpen Yangon ard 09th Feb

Built Year/Place: MAY 2001 / JAPAN
Classification:   VIRES
L.O.A/BREADTH/DEPTH: 135.00/22.00/11.30 M
DRAFT: 8.35 M
DWT/GRT/NRT: 15503/9104/5678
Single deck Ho/Ha : 3/3
Hatch size H1/H2/H3 : 19.60m x 12.00m /29.40m x 13.50m/ 19.60m x 13.50m
Hold size :  29.00 x 20.00 x 10.15 m/ 40.60 x 19.50 x 10.15m/
                   29.40 x 19.50 x 10.15m
Ho.1/Ho.2/Ho.3 Capacity: 5274.88/8704.99/5962.00 cbm
Grain/Bale Capacity: 19941.87/19293.80cbm
Crane: 3 x 22mt x 22m
Main Engine: MAN B&W HANSHIN 6S35MC 4200KW
G/E:  02 x 355KW
Speed/Consumption: About 11.00K on 14.50MT IFO 180, Plus: 1.0 MGO
Idle: 0.7MGO/day + 0.4mt FO/day, Working: 1.8MGO/day + 0.4mt FO/day
Hatch Coaming High: 1,5m
Air Draft ( Full load/ Full ballast):  32m/36m
P & I :  The London P&I Club
Tank capacity: FO/DO/FW (M3): 648.65/ 126.4/ 191.65
Streng of tank top/upperdeck: 127,53kN/m2 (13T/m2)/ 15,696kN/n2 (1,6T/m2)
Deballasting capacity (M3): 4842.60
Ada wog

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