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Early Jan 2013, Ship open at Vietnam

Ship passing through Miraflores Locks
Ship passing through Miraflores Locks (Photo credit: m_morgavan)


Will be free for deliver in Vietnam early Jan 2013


Built Year/Place: MAY 2001 / JAPAN
Classification:   VIRES
L.O.A/BREADTH/DEPTH: 135.00/22.00/11.30 M
DRAFT: 8.35 M
DWT/GRT/NRT: 15503/9104/5678
Single deck Ho/Ha : 3/3
Hatch size H1/H2/H3 : 19.60m x 12.00m /29.40m x 13.50m/ 19.60m x 13.50m
Hold size :  29.00 x 20.00 x 10.15 m/ 40.60 x 19.50 x 10.15m/
                   29.40 x 19.50 x 10.15m
Ho.1/Ho.2/Ho.3 Capacity: 5274.88/8704.99/5962.00 cbm
Grain/Bale Capacity: 19941.87/19293.80cbm
Crane: 3 x 30mt x 22m
Main Engine: MAN B&W HANSHIN 6S35MC 4200KW
G/E:  02 x 355KW
Speed/Consumption: About 12.K on 15,4MT IFO 180, Plus: 1.0 MGO
Hatch Coaming High: 1,5m
Air Draft ( Full load/ Full ballast):  32m/36m
P & I :  The London P&I Club
Tank capacity: FO/DO/FW (M3): 648.65/ 126.4/ 191.65
Streng of tank top/upperdeck: 127,53kN/m2 (13T/m2)/ 15,696kN/n2 (1,6T/m2)
Deballasting capacity (M3): 4842.60

Ada wog

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