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built 1991
Propulsion: Motor Ship
Classification: IRS
Hull: 100 A5 E, Container Ship convertible, IW , SOLAS-II-2,Reg.19
Machinery: MC, E, AUT

Legend of Notations:
E: Ice strengthening
IW: Equipped for in-water surveys
SOLAS-II-2,Reg.19: Dangerous Goods
AUT: Unattended machinery spaces

Length overall: 156.70 m
Registered Length: 145.20 m
Registered Breadth: 22.86 m
Draught: 8.623 m

Tonnage Type Convention'69
Gross Tonnage: 11998
Net Tonnage: 5701
Depth to main deck: 11.20 m

Panama Canal Tonnages
Gross Tonnage: 12123
Net Tonnage: 9084

Suez Canal Tonnages
Gross Tonnage: 11972
Net Tonnage: 9902

Displacement: 20788 t
Deadweight: 14140 t
Lightship: 6648 t

Hull & Cargo
Shipbuilder / Place: Mathias-Thesen-Werft GmbH / Wismar
Yard Number: 178
Keellaying: 1990-02-27
Launching: 1990-06-01
Completion: 1990-11
Forecastle: 39.57 m
Poop: 25.05 m
Number of Watertight Bulkhead(s): 5
Number of Continuous Deck(s): 2
Double Bottom Type: Double bottom, continuous from peak to peak bulkhead
Longitudinal Frames: Partly built on longitudinal frames
Material: Shipbuilding steel A – A32 – D32 (higher tensile)
Largest Hatch: Length = 12.47 m / Breadth = 18.80 m

Vessel is constructed to carry IMDG cargo under deck as follows:
Hold 1 IMDG 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.1, 6.1, 8
Holds 2/3 IMDG 1.4 s, 2, 3, 4, 5.1, 6.1 and 8, except
3, 6.1 and 8 with a flashpoint below 23 degr. centigrades and inflammable goods class 2.

Cargo Capacities

Number of 20ft Containers 1158

Bale capacity
-------------           cbm       cu.Ft.
Hold  no 1        4935      174277
Hold  no 2        8262      291768
Hold  no 3        5339      188544
                      18356     654589

Bulk capacity
-------------         cbm       cu.Ft.
Hold  no 1        4985      176043
Hold  no 2        8345      294699
Hold  no 3        5393      190541
                       18723     661193

Container intake
in holds 20x8x8,6 364 alt. 40x8x8,6 178 + 8teu
on deck 20x8x8,6 794 alt. 40x8x8,6 368 + 56teu

max.total 20x8x8,6 1158 alt. 40x8x8,6 546 + 64teu

intake basis panama canal range of visibility
20x8x8,6 1046 alt. 40x8x8,6 482 + 82teu

stability examples basis homogeneously stowed/loaded (about):
homog intake abt 14mt =687teu

Containerfittings: fully cellularized in holds for 40' units. fitted with conver
type lashings for full load of 20' and 40' units.

Reefer: 125 reeferplugs at hatches 2 and 3. (440v 60hz) type CEE 32

Deckstrength: 20/40' stackload:

Tanktop 100/140mt except hold 1 where 25/35mt per unit
Upperdeck 60/90mt
Forecastle 45/60mt
Poopdeck 30/30mt

3 holds/
7 hatches:        
hold 1 -         hatch 1 12,60 x 13,20m
hatch 2 12,68 x 18,80m

hold 2 -         hatch 3 12,92 x 18,80m
hatch 4 12,92 x 18,80m
hatch 5 12,92 x 18,80m

hold 3 -         hatch 6 12,92 x 18,80m
hatch 7 12,92 x 18,80m

Hatch covers: pontoon type hatch covers divided into 3 longitudinal sections each hatch. consequently portside and starboard sections can be opened independently without removing/handling middle sections. middle sections can only be opened after portside and starboard sections removed.

Load Desnsity of tank tops:
DOUBLE BOTTOM LOCAL LOAD MAX:        20 T/M²                      

Tank Capacities
Ballast water: 5560 m3
Fresh water: 180 m3
Heavy fuel oil 950 m3
MDO 195 m3

Special Arrangements
Loading Instrument Seacos GmbH - MXMACS3
1 Transverse thruster 450 kW, forward

Lifting Device(s)
2 electr-hydraulic single cranes between holds nos. 1/2 and nos. 2/3
maximum outreach 28,0m
minimum outreach 2,4m
lifting capacity 40,0mt

1 single crane aft behind bridge to handle empty or light containers
maximum outreach 16,0m
minimum outreach 2,8m
lifting capacity 7,5mt

Total Power: 7950 kW
Transmission: Main propulsion acts directly on the propellershaft
Starter Type: Compressed air direct

One Main Engine(s)
Year of Manufacture: 1990
Manufacturer: Brodogradiliste "3. Maj"
Model: SULZER 5 RTA 58
Type: Diesel engine, two stroke single acting
Power: 7950 kW
Main Engine Rated Speed 127 min-1
5 Cylinder, Diameter / Stroke 580 mm / 1700 mm

Propeller(s) / Speed
1 Propeller(s): Type Solid propeller (keyless), aft
Ship's Speed: range 12000 miles, about 16,5 knots on about 29,5 tons ifo + about 2,5 mtns DO (without reefers) at design draft basis clean/smooth bottom, even keel, deep and currentless water/sea with a temperature of max. 28 degr. Celsius, wind max. Bft.2 and sea not exceeding Douglas seastate 2.
No MDO at sea with shaftgenerator engaged - in which case speed will be reduced depending on load - , except when reefer containers carried or hold ventilation being used, in case of emergency and/or navigation with reduced speed and/or navigation in restricted areas like approaches, shallow waters, etc. port consumption about 2.0ts mdo in port idle about 4,2 tons mdo in port working always excluding reefers and ventilation plus some ifo for heating fuel oil tanks

fuel oil spec m/e: min according to iso 8217:2005(e) rmg380
                   a/e: min according to iso 8217:2005(e) dmb

Fuel to be supplied in accordance with RMG 380 and DMB or better, which shall be of homogenous and stable nature and in all other respects comply with ISO 8217:2005(e) or any subsequent amendments thereof and with a minimum viscosity of 80cst at 50degr C. Charterers warrant that whenever bunker is ordered for the vessel, the order explicitly requests  The products must not include waste chemicals, waste lubricants or other non-fuel components .

Electric Installation(s)
1 Plant: 450/ 220 V with 1800 kVA
1 Plant: 450 V with 920 kVA
1 Plant: 450 V with 115 kVA

Generators (SKL)
1 Shaft generator: 800 kW
3 Main generators, each: 480 kW
1 Emergency generator: 92 kW

One Boiler(s)
Manufacturer: VEB Dampfkesselbau Dresden-Übigau
Year of Manufacture: 1990
Boiler Type: Steam boiler, oil fired
Max. allow. working pressure: 8 bar
Heating Surface: 40.7 m2

One Boiler(s)
Manufacturer: VEB Dampfkesselbau Dresden-Übigau
Year of Manufacture: 1990
Boiler Type: Steam boiler, exh.gas heated
Max. allow. working pressure: 9 bar
Heating Surface: 318.0 m2

Compressed Air Receiver(s)
1 Receiver: 5000 liters, 30 bar
1 Receiver: 4000 liters, 30 bar
1 Receiver: 60 liters, 30 bar
1 Receiver: 30 liters, 30 bar
1 Receiver: 800 liters, 9 bar

Fittings:     suez, panama, wwf, satellite, Communication (telephone/telex/telefax/email), bow thruster 500 kw.(not working presently)
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