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Self Propelled Barges | India, Lakshadweep, Sri Lanka, Maldibes

Available Self Propelled Cargo Barges on Time Charter

Self Propelled cargo barge on time charter, barges for maldives, lakshadweep, India, barge with crane, barge with derrick


Barge Particular are as below

Barge Type : Self Propelled Barge (for carrying loose bulk cargo)

Port of Registry : Mumbai
Class : IRS Coastal Service

LOA 72 M
Breadth : 12.00 M
Loaded Draft : 3.45 M
DWT 2100
Engines : 400 BHP X 2
Speed : 8.75 Knots
Fuel Consumption : 125 ltrs /hr
Fuel Type : HSD

Interested clients do contact us

Barge for Sand, Barge on Hire, Barge on Rent, Barge for coastal transport, IV Class, IRS class, Bombay

Project Cargo Shipping Service

Project Cargo, Heavy Lifts, ODC cargo, huge structures, pipes, boats, ships, barge, windmill, shipping, shipment, cargo,
Project Cargo / Structure Shipping Services

Big Size Structure Shipping Services.

Over-dimension Cargoes. We are specialized in shipping all types big or small, regular or Ir-regular size, heavy or hollow types cargo from any safe world destination to another safe port destination.

We are based in India are among best ship brokers with well experience team of experts capable of handling such kind of structures or spheres.

Contact us with complete details of your cargo which has to be shipped, basically required is diagram and packing list along with pictures. We also would like to have permission to inspect the cargo structure by our team of experts which will help them to take decision how to handle and ship the structure.

Project Cargo Freight Forwarder

Project Cargo & Freight by Sea Route

Project Cargo, overdimension crgo, ODC, heavy lift, over size cargo
Project Cargo

Project Cargo Freight

Our team of marine specialists in handling project cargo along with extensive knowledge for providing best project cargo freight idea, matching the requirement of the shipper.
We are capable of handling complex, overdimansiona, heavy equipment cargo with safe and secure, timely delivered by sea route. We handle project cargoes of any size and provide shipper handling on Full Liner Terms (HH) basis, which supports any shipper free from any demmurages or hidden charges.
Proper planning requires complete details of the equipment cargo which need to be transported, like photos of equipment along with drawing and dimensions. This helps our team to quickly plan the transportation and handling with best project cargo freight.

Our Projects Cargo Services cares with best experienced professional to handle onboard the project cargo equipment with proper lashing and protection from seawater as well as salty air to avoid any damages.
Contact us with all your requirements for transporting your heavy, oversize project cargo by sea route.

Over Size Consignment Handling and Shipping Service

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ODC & Project Cargo Shipping Services

We along with our team members and associates have obtained best name among all service providers for handling Over Size Cargoes for transporting by Sea route.

We handle all time of Project cargoes right from customers yards, transporting them by road to nearest port, arranging suitable ship, loading the ship and lashing properly on board, timely and safe delivery at destination port, unloading and transporting to customers yard by road.

We provide ships for Heavy Lifts from any major port from India to any worldwide destination. We are capable of loading directly from the building / fabricating dock and provides complete solution and meets all expectation of our customers.

Packing and measurement are all taken care by our marine experts with vast knowledge and skills in over size cargo handling. The Overweight cargoes are also handled by us.

Do contact us with complete details like drawings and pictures of your oversize / over weight cargo and rest you can rely on our team for timely and safe delivery of your precious cargo.

Payment Terms : Mutual Agreed
Ship Chartering Services
Customer from any region can contact us
Shipping Services for all types Structure Cargo
Shipment of ODC Cargo : Includes all size structures, factory machinery, Windmills etc to any safe world destination.
Over Size Cargo Shipment Service
Cost: Freight Charge
Shipment of ODC Cargo : Includes all size structures, factory machinery, Windmills etc to any safe world destination.
Over Size Cargo Shipment Service
Over Size Cargo Shipping

20th, Cargo Ship Open Shanghai

Draft markings in a ship's hull.
Draft markings in a ship's hull. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ship available for carrying Bulk cargo, Project Cargo, Heavy Lift, Over Dimension Cargo.

Contact us with complete details of your cargo with packing list and readiness.

DWT 34,070MT ON 10.776M
GRT/NRT 20,432 / 12,532
LOA/ BM 178.0M/ 27.0M
GR CAPA 41,696 CBM
5H/H, 4 x 25TC CR
LADEN 12.0KT / 23.0MT IFO 180 + 2.0MT MDO
BALLAST 12.0KT / 22.0MT IFO 180 + 1.8MT MDO

 We are in position to provide cargo ship for Middle East, Far East, CJK range, PG range,South China and India.


Heavy Lift | Project Cargo | ODC | Wind Mill Shipping Services

shipping services for Project cargo, Over Dimension Cargo, and Wind Mill
Project Cargo | Heavy Lifts Shipping Services

Over Dimension Project Cargo Shipping Services.

We provide services of arranging fully equipped ships capable of carrying over dimension cargoes like Wind Mill, large structures, boilers etc by sea route.
We meet our customer's requirements by providing professional and dedicated team for handling such ODC cargo.

We also manage transporting the cargo from customer's yard to nearest port and loading them to the ship and transporting to destination port on time.

Complete job work is undertaken like arranging trailers, lashing cargo, safely shifting to nearest port, arranging documentation at port, loading to ship, lashing and transporting by sea to required port.

Contact us with all your requirement details and charter terms.

Cargo Loading / Unloading and Stowage services at Mid Sea / Anchorage

English: The "Marvita" at New Ross T...
English: The "Marvita" at New Ross The coaster “Marvita” discharging a dry bulk cargo at the quay beside the Albatros factory. New Ross port is on the River Barrow some 20 miles from the sea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Mid Sea (Anchorage) Loading and Unloading Services

Our Services includes providing self propelled barges in time charter, also provides services for mid sea unloading of Cargo (anchorage discharge) and delivering it to the nearest port.

We handle Mid- sea discharging ( anchorage discharge) of dry bulk cargo like coal, fertilizers, project cargoes, sulphur, clinkers, general commodities etc. The services can include lump sum per day charges which will include sea voyage charges, fuel, berthing permission both along-side vessel as well at jetty / port, pilotage.
The custom clearance of the cargo, stevedoring, loading and unloading to be in charterer’s account.

If any further details is required, do contact us

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Project Cargo Shipping, Heavy Lifts, Over Size Cargo Shipping Services

over size cargo ship, heavy cargo air transport, shipping huge cargo
Project Cargo | Heavy Lift | ODC 
their heavy cargo, engineering goods and industrial over sizegood.

Air Lift for Project Cargo

Our service also includes air lift for project cargo, over sizecargo and heavy lift cargo is also available. We along with our associated maintain close relation with airline operators and our customer supportive services provides customers with satisfactory results with responsibility.

For freight calculation, customers contact us directly with details of their cargo enabling us to calculate competitive and best freight.

Vessel Opening Karachi, 16th/23rd Sept 2011


Built:                October 1997, Ishikawajima – Harima Heavy Ind. – Tokyo Yard No. 3097
Flag:               Viet Nam
Port of registry: Hai Phong - Viet Nam
INMARSAT C: 457448310 – INMARSAT MINIC: 457448311 – INMARSAT B: 357448310
MMSI: 574483000
Class:             GL + 100 A5 ESP C3D10 Bulk Carrier, Ore Carrier, + MC AUT
Callsign:         XVRV
IMO No:          9168269
Official No:    VN-28.TT-VT
Dwt on summer draft salt/fresh:       42,717 / 42,715 MT
Dwt on tropical draft salt / fresh:      43,870 / 43,843 MT
Dwt on winter draft:                           41,568 MT
Draft                                                    summer: 11.373M
                                                            tropical: 11.609M
                                                            tropical fresh: 11.866M
                                                            winter: 11.137M
Air draft:                     49.50 M
GRT/NRT:                  24,953 / 13,547
Suez GRT/NRT:         25,817.63 / 23,102.52
LOA: 181.5M
Breadth/Depth:          30.5M/16.4M
Cargo gear    :           4 x 30MT/ Outreach: 24m Electro – Hydraulic Cranes, Makers: IHI
Crane outreach from shipsize: 8.75M
Grabs:                        4 x 10CBM  Electro Hydraulic PEINER Grabs
Ballast capacity:        Maximum 25,476 CBM including hold No.3 (11,349 CBM)
Cargo permissible load:      Tank top No.1            20.22 t/M2
                                                Tank top No.2 & 4     13.58 t/M2
                                                Tank top No.3            24.29t/M2
                                                Tank top No.5            19.76t/M2
                                                Weather deck            3.69t/M2
                                                                Hatch covers              2.45t/M2
Fresh water capacity: 291 CBM
Constant excluding fresh water: About 250T
Hold / Hatch: 5HO/5HA
Hatch cover: Folding type
Hull and Machinery Insurance:         Bao Viet Insurance Company
P & I:                                                   London Steam Ship
HA No.1:        15.2m x 12.8M, HA No.2: 19.2M x 15.2M, HA No.3: 19.2M x 15.2M, HA No.4:19.2M x x 15.2M, HA No.5: 19.2M x 15.2M
Length of hold No.1: 26.4 / No.2: 28.8 / No.3: 27.2 / No.4: 28.8 / No.5: 28.0M
Height of hatch coamings:               No.1 A/F:        1.45 / 2.2M
                                                            No.2,3,4,5:     1.45M
Cargo holds:  No.1:   9,327.5M3 (Grain) - 9,024.0 M3         (Bale)
                        No.2:11,505.4M3 (Grain) - 11,264.6 M3       (Bale)
                        No.3: 11,322.1M3 (Grain) - 10,903.0 M3    (Bale)
                        No.4: 11,501.9M3 (Grain) - 11,260.04 M3 (Bale)
                        No.5: 10,196.0M3 (Grain) - 9,926.6 M3      (Bale)
Total:                           53,8LI25.9 M3(Grain) - 52,379.0 M3   (Bale)     

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