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Ship Brokers – Cargo Ships for India to China

Ship BrokersCargo Ships for India to China
We are ship brokers with excellent details of ship positions in India and other Asian Countries.


We arrange break bulk cargo ships for transporting by sea of various general commodities and raw material like, Agricultural Products, Rice, Sugar, Coal, Iron Ore, bauxite ore, rice, cement, etc.

We also provide services for dry bulk carriers like clinkers, fertilizers, steel products, non ferrous metal and scraps, logs, coal, etc. Our active staff is capable of providing comprehensive and reliable information round the clock.

Vessel opening Kuwait / Gulf


IMO NO. 8212087
DWT/GT/NT 30070/17313/11338 MTS
LOA/LBP/B/DFT  189.40/178.00/22.80/10.718M
Depth mld 14.60m
Hatch  cover dimensions          tank top dimensions
           LXB                      LXB
HOLD -1  12.8X11                 21.5MX15.8 AX(6.8 F)
HOLD -2  12.8X11                 19.2X15.8 F/A
HOLD-3   12.8X11                 17.6X15.8 F/A
HOLD-4   12.8X11                 16.8X15.8 F/A
HOLD-5   12.8X11                 17.8X15.8 F/A
HOLD-6   12.8X11                 19.2X15.8 F/A
HOLD-7   12.8X11                 18.3X12.3AX(15.8F)
GR/BL 36848/34536CBM
Ho capacity
grain 5310 cb.m=187532  cb ft
bale  4972 cb.m =175595 cb ft
grain 5400 =190710
bale  5058 =178632
grain  5165=182411
bale   4828=170509
grain  5143=181634
bale   4811=169909
grain  5179=182905
bale   4842=171003
grain  5405=190887
bale   5059=178667
grain  5246=185271
bale   4966=175383
TPC 36.7 to/cm
Fully P&I and H+M covered
ISM fitted
all abt+wog

Interested charter party contact with details of cargo and company profile for ocean freight charges.

Freight and Shipping Services

Freight Carrier

Welcome to the best Freight and Shipping website you’ll ever find; in fact, the only Freight and Shipping website you’ll ever need! From this website, you can do it all: get your quote, talk with your own personal shipping agent, and track your shipments. If you need to ship something that is large, heavy, fragile, awkward, or oddly-shaped, you’re definitely on the right webpage. Our shipping company is the best, the fastest, the safest, and the easiest to use, and our customer service can’t be rivaled by any other shipping company.

Many people don’t have the time during their hectic days to stop, search for different carriers to compete for your business, set up the shipping details, AND get the product ready for pick-up. We take that time and put it back in your hands. We do all the hard part for you.

If you call us or Whatsapp us at +91-9745527006, a real person will assist you. If you prefer to do it all over the internet, just click on the “Quick Quote” on this page. Either way, you will have your shipping quote in just a few minutes, and you’ll also have your own personal shipping agent who will have your file right on his/her desk so you don’t have to repeat your information to different people any time you call us.

You don’t have to worry about the bill of lading or other paperwork, either. We do that for you.

Your quote is absolutely free, and you are under no obligation. However, if you find a better deal down the road, please let us know. We can probably beat it.

We offer to ship around the globe.

When you use us, as your shipping company, there will be no hidden charges and no unpleasant surprises. Everything about us is right out in the open, and when we give you a price we will stick to that price, no matter how high gas prices might rise after you get your freight quote.

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Full load? LCL? Break Bulk? Whatever you’ve got, we’ll take good care of it. We want to be the shipping company for all of your needs, and we’ve got the means to do that. Some of our services, but by no means all, are:

* Access to over 60 different carriers
* Dispatch of your shipment
* Instant freight quotes from carriers
* Tracking of your shipment online 24/7
* Air, Ground, Ocean & Rail
* Domestic & International
* Blanketwrap shipments
* Professional, Friendly & Personalized Service

Steel Pipe Shipping Services

Steel Pipes Shipping Services

Steel Pipes Cargo
We handle and provide complete shipping solutions of all dimension steel pipe cargo for all safe destination ports. We handle shipping of pipes used in oil & gas sector, like casing and drilling pipes. Seamless pipes also shipped by us which are used in telecommunicationa and mining industry.

Our skilled and qualified freight officers, are well experienced in handling all range pipes. We have professionals in handling large OD seamless pipes. Our ground team are fully equiped to bundle the pipes for easy handling and transporting.

For safe and timely shipment of your pipe cargo, kindly do get in touch with us, providing the complete details of the pipe like dimension, diameter, total number of pipes (quantity) along with cargo owner / exporting company details / profile. Kindly do mention your expected freight along with the date of shipment (or readiness of the pipes at nearest port for shipment)

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Calculating Charter Rates 

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