Are Cisco Certification and Microsoft Certification Useful? Are Cisco Certification and Microsoft Certification Useful?

Are Cisco Certification and Microsoft Certification Useful?


Cisco Certification

CCNA→CCNP→CCIE, corresponding to the network support engineers are Cisco certified network engineers, intermediate network engineers and network experts. The levels are increased in turn. Only those who pass the certification examination of the previous level are eligible to participate in the certification examination of the next level.

Candidates are examined a book in CCNA test, which is mainly about basic network knowledge, OSI seven layer model, switching, routing and other simple debugging and installation. You can buy textbooks in bookstores for review; It's the easiest way to get CCNA certification if you pass one exam; The exam costs about USD 100. All the questions are examined on the computer. After examination, the computer will print your results whether you pass or not.

Candidates are examined four books in CCNP exam. The content of the four books for CCNP exercise is more in-depth, comprehensive and difficult on the basis of CCNA examination. Correspondingly, candidates have to pass the examination of four courses before they can get CCNP certificate.

CCIE exam is the most difficult one, which is divided into written test and operation. Relatively speaking, the operation is the most difficult. The examination time is about half a day, and the cost is about USD 1,549. Because there are few people passing, CCIE certification is more valuable. CCIE certification will only be issued to candidates after passing the written examination and operation.

CCDA => CCDP corresponds to CCNA => CCNP respectively. The difference is that CCDA focuses on network architecture and design, that is, it corresponds to the position of pre-sales network support engineer. At present, in China, with Cisco certification, there is still high social recognition. CCNA / CCDA can at least guarantee to find jobs such as network technical support, and there are still quite a lot of positions. CCNP is probably equivalent to medium and high-level engineers. If you are CCIE, you will be extraordinary, but on the premise that you can pass CCIE exam. As we all know, CCIE exam is really difficult. But you can pass the CCIE written exam – Cisco CCNP Certification exam with SPOTO CCNP dumps easily.

Microsoft Certification

Microsoft certifications are divided into seven categories, which are briefly introduced below:

  1. MCSE Microsoft

Certified Systems Engineer. The winner of the certificate will be able to provide effective system planning, system implementation, system maintenance and information system support for users using Microsoft Windows NT Server and Microsoft Back Office.

  1. MCSE+Internet

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer + INTERNET engineer. The recipient of the certificate will be able to manage and configure the intranet and Internet in the IT industry. It includes the management and configuration of browser, proxy server, network host, website and database.

  1. MCSD

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer. The winner of the certificate will be able to establish commercial applications based on distributed network environment for Microsoft's software development tools (database system, application design software, etc., such as MSSQL Server, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Transaction Server).

  1. MCP

Microsoft Certified Professional. The recipients of the certificate need to have certain expertise in a certain Microsoft product. They can also further strengthen their ability to use Microsoft software products by taking other Microsoft certification examinations.

  1. MCP+Site Building

Microsoft Certified Professional + Site Building. The winner of the certificate will be able to use Microsoft's technology and products to design, establish, manage and maintain the site, especially to establish interactive pages, multimedia database and search engine.

  1. MCP+Internet

Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet. The winner of the certificate has expertise in the internet, which can ensure the security of the network, install, configure and manage server products and resources, monitor and analyze the status of the network, eliminate network faults, etc. to a certain extent.

  1. MCT

Microsoft Certified Trainer. The winner of the certificate must be able to go deep into Microsoft's official courses in both teaching and technology.

How to participate in Microsoft Certification: to participate in Microsoft certification examination, you should first have a command of English a little bit (because all the examination questions are in English, you should have an English level equivalent to CET-2 and CET-3, so you can understand the requirements of the questions), and have a certain operating basis of windows operating system. You can sign up for Microsoft exams at any of Microsoft's more than 800 authorized professional testing centers (APTC) around the world.

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