Vessel Open Vizag, ECI, 19th Oct 2011 Vessel Open Vizag, ECI, 19th Oct 2011

Vessel Open Vizag, ECI, 19th Oct 2011


Flag: Panama,
Port of Registry: Panama
GRT/NRT: about16,993/8,917
Holds/Hatches: 5/5
TTL capacity grain:34552.8 / bale:32825.2 CBM
5 Holds (Length x Width),in meters
1) 22.4 x (16.0 FD - 26.4 AFT)
2) 22.4 x 26.4
3) 24.0 x26.4
4) 24.0 x 26.4
5) 22.4 x 26.4
5 Hatches (Weathertight, Hydraulic folding type operatedby external hydraulic
Hatch size and cover type:
HatchNo. Nominal opening size (Lm x Bm)
No.1 12.00 (h) x14.40 (B)
Nos.2-5 16.00 (h) x 19.20 (B)
Cranes: 4 x 30 mt SWLinstalled on upper deck between each holds.
Supplied by 4 X 10 cbm grabs(radio operated)
-CO2 fitted
-Logs fitted,but w/o stanchions
-Ladders: Australian
-Strength ofthe top tanks:
22 tons/sq.m for Holds Nos.1,3&5
16 tons/sq.m forHolds Nos.2&4
Assumption of vessel's speed/bunkerconsumption:
Sea Speed (laden/ballast)/ Consumption at Sea(IFO 380CST):
12.7/13.2 Knots - 17.0 Mt/Day ME plus 2.2Mt/Day GE
M/E&G/E Fuel: HFO RMG 35 380 CST/50 C
For maneuver:600 kg/hrs MDO/DMB (in accordance with ISO
8217:2005)- for purpose ofreliable engine working.

Vessel's M/E burns MDO/DMB when maneuveringin/approaches narrow or restricted
waters including canals/rivers/shallowwaters/fog conditions.
In port w/o cargo operations -2.0 Mt IFO 380 CSTper day plus Boiler
consumption -2.0 Mt IFO 380 CST per day
In port with cargo operations -4.0 Mt IFO 380 CST per day plus Boiler
consumption-2.0 Mt IFO 380 CST per day
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