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Vessel Opening Karachi, 16th/23rd Sept 2011


Built:                October 1997, Ishikawajima – Harima Heavy Ind. – Tokyo Yard No. 3097
Flag:               Viet Nam
Port of registry: Hai Phong - Viet Nam
INMARSAT C: 457448310 – INMARSAT MINIC: 457448311 – INMARSAT B: 357448310
MMSI: 574483000
Class:             GL + 100 A5 ESP C3D10 Bulk Carrier, Ore Carrier, + MC AUT
Callsign:         XVRV
IMO No:          9168269
Official No:    VN-28.TT-VT
Dwt on summer draft salt/fresh:       42,717 / 42,715 MT
Dwt on tropical draft salt / fresh:      43,870 / 43,843 MT
Dwt on winter draft:                           41,568 MT
Draft                                                    summer: 11.373M
                                                            tropical: 11.609M
                                                            tropical fresh: 11.866M
                                                            winter: 11.137M
Air draft:                     49.50 M
GRT/NRT:                  24,953 / 13,547
Suez GRT/NRT:         25,817.63 / 23,102.52
LOA: 181.5M
Breadth/Depth:          30.5M/16.4M
Cargo gear    :           4 x 30MT/ Outreach: 24m Electro – Hydraulic Cranes, Makers: IHI
Crane outreach from shipsize: 8.75M
Grabs:                        4 x 10CBM  Electro Hydraulic PEINER Grabs
Ballast capacity:        Maximum 25,476 CBM including hold No.3 (11,349 CBM)
Cargo permissible load:      Tank top No.1            20.22 t/M2
                                                Tank top No.2 & 4     13.58 t/M2
                                                Tank top No.3            24.29t/M2
                                                Tank top No.5            19.76t/M2
                                                Weather deck            3.69t/M2
                                                                Hatch covers              2.45t/M2
Fresh water capacity: 291 CBM
Constant excluding fresh water: About 250T
Hold / Hatch: 5HO/5HA
Hatch cover: Folding type
Hull and Machinery Insurance:         Bao Viet Insurance Company
P & I:                                                   London Steam Ship
HA No.1:        15.2m x 12.8M, HA No.2: 19.2M x 15.2M, HA No.3: 19.2M x 15.2M, HA No.4:19.2M x x 15.2M, HA No.5: 19.2M x 15.2M
Length of hold No.1: 26.4 / No.2: 28.8 / No.3: 27.2 / No.4: 28.8 / No.5: 28.0M
Height of hatch coamings:               No.1 A/F:        1.45 / 2.2M
                                                            No.2,3,4,5:     1.45M
Cargo holds:  No.1:   9,327.5M3 (Grain) - 9,024.0 M3         (Bale)
                        No.2:11,505.4M3 (Grain) - 11,264.6 M3       (Bale)
                        No.3: 11,322.1M3 (Grain) - 10,903.0 M3    (Bale)
                        No.4: 11,501.9M3 (Grain) - 11,260.04 M3 (Bale)
                        No.5: 10,196.0M3 (Grain) - 9,926.6 M3      (Bale)
Total:                           53,8LI25.9 M3(Grain) - 52,379.0 M3   (Bale)     

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