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525 Cu Mtr Hopper Barge | Self Propelled

Self Propelled Hopper Barge

Dredging at Warrenpoint harbour. The ...
Dredging at Warrenpoint harbour.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hopper barges on Time Charter

Hopper barges for coastal operation and maintenance work available. The hopper barges are ideal for operating at shallow waters and assisting dredgers and coastal repair works. The particulars and condition of the self propelled hopper barge is as below.

Hopper Barge

525 Cu Mtrs
Hopper Volume
91.6 X 6.7 X 4.10
550- 600 MT
6-7 Knots
Fuel Consumption
30 Liters Per Hour (Steeming)

3-4 Ltrs (stand by)
Bottom Opening
Pontoon Doors
680 HP Ashok Leyland

Hopper Barge is available direct from the owners on time charter. Interested charterer do contact us for more details on charter rates
The hopper barge is in sea worthy condition and subjected to availability
Location: India

Our services includes providing hopper barges (with engines and without engines) Dumb barges, Pontoon Barge, Flat Top Self Propelled Barge, Tug Boats and MBC

Hopper Barges Available on Time Charter

Hopper Barge, Split Bottom Hopper Barge, Self Propelled Hopper Barge, India, West Coast

Hopper Barges

We arrange hopper barges on time charter direct from the owners for capacity of 350 CBM to 550 CBM. Our services include providing the hopper barges to required charterers with timely delivery at location. Most of the hopper barges are without engines and tug is required to push / tow them. The benefit of these without engine hopper barges is, they can be operated in shallow waters.

Hopper barges with engines are also available on demand and subjected to availability. All hopper barges are I.V Class and with Indian Flag possessing valid permission to work with in port limits. Immigration / sailing permissions are required in case of mobilization from one port to another.
All hopper barges are located at west coast India and are available for legal job works.

For any required for hopper barge on time charter, do contact us with complete details for scope of work along with charter duration and charterers background.

Hopper Barges | On Time Charter

Split Bottom Hopper Barges, Self propelled Hopper Barges, Hopper Barge, Dumb Barges

Hopper barges are useful for carrying the dredged material or the coastal construction waste and the self propelled split bottom barges makes it faster and easy makes them more in demand.

Hopper Barges available on time charter / monthly rental with in Indian Water Limits. We provide self propelled hopper barges and without engines hopper barges (pontoon) or dumb barge with tug on time charter of capacity ranging from 250 cbm to 2000 cbm.
Also available split bottom hopper barges on long time charter terms. The hopper barges are not owned by us and we are direct with the owners and have authentic permissions from the owners to provide the barges on charter / rent to our valued clients.

For details kindly do contact us with complete details of your requirements.

Self Propelled Barge

Barge Service India

Self Propelled Barges are available for Coastal Transportation, deep sea loading and un-loading of ship and channel movement.

Our Rental /Hire / Charter Services include providing barges on monthly rental. The types of self propelled barges available are Cargo Barge Flat Top Barges, Hopper Barges and Dumb Barge. Barges available are I.V Class and IRS Class suitable for river transport as well as sea going.

The Cargo Barges are available in carrying capacity of 1000Mt, 2000Mt and 2500Mt. The barges are without crane and shore cranes are required to load the barges. Clients can mount their own cranes as required on barge deck.

The Flat Top Barges, dumb Barges and Hopper Barge are available of carrying capacity 300Mt to 2000Mt are available.  Flat top barges are with engine (self propelled) and without engine available.

Dumb barges and Hopper barges are without engines and require pusher (tug) to tow them.

Interested clients do contact us with your complete requirement details.
We require Charterer’s / Hirer’s profile, past experience in handling the barges /ships, cargo details, regions of operations / ports along with duration of the contract.

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